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icons and box cover (if you would, you would want to purchase license copies for business reasons).


Get a freeware program, learn it well and create some fantastic covers with no limitations or time remaining and a clear conscious.

The next thing you might want to check is your mouse. It may seem odd but if you have a “ball” type mouse, the rollers can get rather “icky” as dust collects inside. The result is a mouse pointed that can stick, jump or move in shifting direction even if you have a steady hand.

For game playing or just positioning the pointer with your mouse, these effects may not even be noticed but when you’re trying to connect 5 pixels together or get a precise line or shape, having your mouse jump as you’re drawing can get frustrating.

If you have a laser mouse, insure the bottom lens and the mouse area are clean and the surface lets the mouse slide easily.

Make sure you have enough storage area on and off your hard drive. I suggest that once you start having many photo files used to create your covers, you may want to save these file to disk, USB storage, flash card or anything to make a duplicate. You don’t want to be spending months creating 20 perfect covers and boxes only to have all of your work erased by a power surge, system crash or a virus.

You don’t really need a printer unless you just want a collection of your work to be a “hard” copy. Cameras and scanners are not a must either, although they can assist you to use real life photos in your work (thus avoiding any copyright infringement from using a photo from the net).

This is not to say you should not purchase large company programs but for most people just starting out, spending $500 just to create a better picture simply it not an option.

You need to start somewhere or try a new venture without risking your life savings. You’ll need some sort of cover for your e-book or software, do one yourself using these instructions then, if you find yourself successful, you can purchase bigger and better programs to create more complex themes.

Armed with the above, with a little patience and creative juices, you’ll be able to create your own covers and icons in no time following the highly illustrated step by step instruction each carefully created and manipulated to provide you with the most precise view of what your work should appear like.