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Assuming you are reading this on your own computer and that you have downloaded this from the net, you obviously have access to a computer and Internet connection. That takes care of the obvious.

The programs you will need are already available to you free of charge.

One very useful (and seldom mentioned) program comes with Windows – Paint. Don’t expect to do painting or life like photos with it, but it is the easiest program to use for creating framework and quick cut and run type work.

Since Paint does not support many options we will need, we must turn our attention towards more specified freeware programs. One of the best I’ve found that can open many file types, save them in many ways and provide a large range of filters, effects and color manipulation is called “Photo Filter” (see link page).

Since boxes and books are images of cubes when displayed in 3 dimensions, many of you may not feel comfortable or ready to produce these cubes. One easy program is often found in Windows; Word (2003 and up). We can use this program to create a cube or box and transfer the image to an image program.

You may have similar programs that you already work with. If you prefer WordPerfect and know how to create a cube, use it. If you have a good photo program and know it, use it.

The point is using free or already owned technology. Don’t go out to buy programs, there’s just too many more that adequate free programs out there.

If you do decide to hunt the Internet to download a program, make sure you are searching for “freeware” not “shareware”. Shareware will let you use something for a predetermined amount of time then (just as you figured out how it works) it stops functioning and you must either buy it or hunt for another program and start over.

Don’t copy pirated versions of high power programs. For one thing it’s illegal, for another, it’s not necessary. You just want to create a professional cover for your own use, not start a business of creating