3-D Covers for E-Books and Boxes HTML version

This book has been designed for people with little or no experience in
designing a book cover or program box. It is a step-by-step, photo rich
manual you may follow as you are actually creating your own cover.
Once you’ve done it once, you’ll be able to repeat and refine your
process until you end up with extremely professional icons and covers
customized the way you want it using basic tools your computer came
with and free programs you can download off the net.
Suggestion; you may want to save your work each time you add
something new under an increasing number (i.e.: “title of your
book/box” 1.jpg, “title of your book/box” 2.jpg, and so on) This way, if
you make a mistake, or would have preferred not to add something,
you can re-load a previous version without having to start from scratch.
Yes, there is an UNDO button. It was the method I depended on
up until the day that I worked on a book cover for over 5 hours
(without saving the results once) and suffered a power loss (of
10 seconds). I lost the entire project and had to start again.
Save your work as you go.
Another reason to save often is that you will probably be able to “re-
use” sections of your work for other projects saving you the trouble of
re-creating something you had already done.