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The Internet is the focal point for millions of people around the world that would otherwise never have realized the existence of one another. Blogs, e-mails, web pages, servers and a thousand other web words and phrases have entered our languages.

With this explosion of human mingling one thing has become very apparent to many people:

The Internet can reach millions of people 24 hours each day, if one would market to this volume even at $1 a sale, one would surely never see manual labor again.

How many millions of users worldwide on a DAILY basis?



Asian 459


Europe 338


North America 235


Latin America 116


Africa 044


Middle east 034


Australia 019

00021.jpg(Above numbers represent millions of users)


Total: 1 245 000 000 users (Almost 1.5 billion) daily users.

By far the most profitable form of sale on the Internet is Virtual Information (e-books). Many companies have seen this and in preparation have flooded the net with services to write, correct, format, box and market every type of subject under the sun.

For people just starting out with very little or no money to invest, there are ways to get around spending money and still come out looking like a professional.