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1.1. Introduction

In my first year of coaching ALL my clients and many other potential clients, complained about not having enough time. I changed my business name to Time Creation and I focused on the niche of helping people create more time.

Everyone I work with finds more time. Some people work 20 hours less per week. Some reduce their stress from 9.9/10 to 3/10. Others improve their productivity by 50%.

What was happening in my programs that made so much difference to these people when all the time management tools they tried didn’t help? I believe there are three main reasons.
Letting Go

This was the start point for the development of the 21st Century Time Management program.


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The time management techniques that are being taught now have essentially based on the same principles for nearly 100 years.


The BIG question to ask is “are these techniques effective today, in the 21st Century?”


A quick way to check on this is to do this short questionnaire.

Do you feel like you are busy and you run out of time? Yes / No Does the length of your to-do list make you feel more Yes / No stressed?
Are the time management systems you have learnt too Yes / No complicated or time consuming?
Do you feel you can be more time effective but you are Yes / No not sure how?
Does good time management mean being up-to-date with Yes / No your tasks?

If you answered YES to 2 or more of these questions then your current time management systems are failing you. Either because you don’t use them or because they are ineffective.

A YES answer to the last question means you definitely need a 21st century time management system – you need a new approach with a different mindset. Here is the free version of this system.

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