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sson 7 - Build Your Personal Time
Management System
In this lesson is where you get started putting together all the parts of your
21st Century Time Management system.
Block out 2 hours this coming Friday. The time that has worked best for
people doing this for the first time is at the start of the day on Friday.
Usually this is as soon as your get to work. Make sure you will not be
interrupted (get away from your desk). You can do this away from the
office as long as you have all the materials you need with you.
I suggest you start by using a simple planner. One week to two pages.
Ring bound so you can easily add pages for notes and tasks. Keep it
simple -- appointments by week, notes and tasks – that’s all you need.
Your planner now goes with you everywhere.
From now, ALL notes and ALL tasks get written in the ONE planner you
now have for everything.
This is the point where many other time management courses go into fine
detail about where to put notes, appointments, tasks and so on. I am NOT
going to do that. Appointments go in to the calendar, tasks in the task area
and notes in the notes area. Keep it simple. And make it work for you.
Setting up the system
Allow 2 hours to get the system set up the system and do your planning
for next week.
Start by transferring all appointments, business and personal, into your
new diary/planner. File your old notes and diaries somewhere out of sight,
but available if you really need them.
OK – now you are ready to do your planning for next week – feels good
hey :-)
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