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sson 6 - Time Management Success
Time Management Success is about how you feel NOT how much you
get done.
The 21st Century Time Management approach is all about making sure
you do the tasks that will help you to feel good about yourself. To feel
happy, to feel satisfied and fulfilled. To feel enjoyment, to feel love.
That is why values and goals are so important in this approach. Your
values and goals guide you to what is most important in your life.
Almost all time management programs look at success as getting it all
done or getting on-top of things. The focus is on how much you get done.
The problem with that is there is always so much more to be done. And, in
our 24x7 society it’s getting worse. There is more and more that could be
So I want to help you make a significant change in your life. A change
that will make a HUGE impact on your life happiness. Adopt the 21st
Century Time Management mindset, which is about making sure you do
the things that will make you happy in your life, rather than doing stuff so
you can catch-up.
Why is this important?
The simple answer is that life is for living now. In my experience you can’t
“work hard for 10 years” and neglect your values and other aspects of
your life and rationalise this by saying to yourself, “I just have to do this
now and later I will …
- spend more time with my partner
- spend more time with my kids
- improve my fitness
- playgolf
The “.. and later” never happens. Either tragedy or habit gets in the way.
21st Century Time Management is about being able to find the time
to be the best you that you can be.
So time management success is really about spending time doing the
things that help you feel happy, help you feel satisfied and fulfilled.
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