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sson 5 - Trust your Instincts
Trusting your instincts and trusting yourself is probably where the 21st
Century Time Management approach is unique and most different from
other time management systems. This is where you bring your He♥rt to
your time management system.
Trusting your instincts means you don’t worry about how all the formal
parts of the system come together. I could go into fine detail about how to
use the system. But what I have noticed is that most people have a very
good intuitive sense of priorities, sometimes much better than your
conscious thinking.
There are usually only 1 or 2 really important tasks each day. I believe
that once you make sure you are spending consistent time on the
important areas of your life, you will intuitively spend time on the tasks that
are best for you.
The way this works is that you use your weekly plan to keep your focus on
the most important things in your life. Your weekly plan also gives you
some structure, in that you know at any point in time, what is the most
important task for you to be doing right now. Then the other tasks get
done in the remaining time. You will never get all of your tasks done. You
will never “catch-up” with everything. BUT, what will happen is that things
that are right for you do to, will get done.
When I say right for you, I mean that the task benefits you in some way.
Often this will be about how you feel or about building relationships with
others or about having fun – right for you doesn’t have to mean doing
something that you don’t like or that is hard or that you should do. In fact, I
suggest that tasks you find hard or think you should do have a deeper
message for you. It’s possible the task is not really important to you right
now, OR there is a conflict with your values, beliefs and goals. (Coaching
can be a great help in these situations – see
People get caught up believing that have to do the tasks on their list.
You don’t have to do anything in this part of the 21st Century Time
Management process. Just use your weekly plan and in between the big
stuff, do whatever feels right. The right task often comes to mind in the
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