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lues Clarification
Now it is time to do the values clarification assessment.
Being really clear on your top five values AND the behaviours that reflect
those values is a HUGE part of the 21st Century Time Management
Your top five values are the aspects of your life that are most important to
you. These values drive your motivation, your emotional responses
(conscious and subconscious) and the mindset that you see the world
21st Century Time Management is about making time for what is
important – YOUR TOP FIVE VALUES – and feeling good about your life.
Guess how you feel when the way you spend your time is in conflict with
you top values – yep, stressed, frustrated, de-motivated, disengaged and
so on When you spend time living your values you are much more likely to
be happy and have a fulfilling life.
Knowing your top 5 values intimately, will enable you to make better
choices on where you spend your time so you create the life you want.
What most people find when they go through this activity is that they have
many more than five (often around 20) values that they are trying to live
by. When you have 20 important values it is almost certain some will be in
conflict with each other or with your goals. Values conflict creates what I
call invisible barriers.
Now I am not saying you can’t have 20 values that are important to you.
What I am saying is that to be have highly effective time management you
need to know which values are in your top 5. And this means you will have
to leave out some values that are important to you. It doesn’t mean the
ones yo leave out are no longer important, but rather it means your top 5
are more important.
List your top 5 values (preferable one word) and how you define those
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