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Which Time Perspective do you have?
Take the ZTPI and get your Time Perspective profile, which is included in
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inking and Communications Style
Your thinking and communications style significantly impacts on how you
perceive events in life, your emotional and cognitive responses to those
events and how you make decisions. And just as important is to
understand that other people do NOT see things the way you do. Their
style and background is different to you. That’s normal and that’s OK.
Recognising this helps you to communicate more effectively and make
better decisions, especially when they involve other people.
Remember how I said that time management is much more about
decisions and choices than to-do lists and appointments. This is why
understanding your style and other people’s styles makes a huge
difference to your time management.
A simple example of two styles is a creative type person gets a sudden
great idea and they want to tell everyone. So they run around to everyone
in the office and tell them to go the meeting room for a meeting right now.
The analyst type people now feel uncomfortable, annoyed and, after the
meeting, will probably feel like it was a big waste of time.
As you were reading this you will have related more to one of the people
than the other. This tells you about your style.
Your style will influence what your time management system looks like.
Your personalized system will need to help you to manage your time
management weaknesses. But, just as important is that the system needs
to be suited to your style so that it feels like it is part of you and is effective
for you.
If you have done the Myer Briggs or DISC or other similar profiles you can
use these to personalise your time management system. Get your profile
and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Think about how these relate
to time, life balance, accepting responsibility and letting go. Make
recommendations for yourself about key factors to be included on your
time management system.
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