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1.8. Personalize
One of the main reasons that most time management courses and
programs do not work for many people is because the system is a “one-
size-fits-all” approach. I have heard this feedback from hundreds of
people. Perhaps this is partly an excuse rather than a reason. I also
believe many people are not sure what to do when some parts of the
system do not seem to work for them. Should you persist with the program
sticking 100% to all the “rules”? Or do you use the bits that seem to be
useful to you. Unfortunately what I do see is that people stop using the
Time management coaching is the ideal way to work through these
questions. A time management coach will help you to work out what part
of a time management system is good for you, even when it feel
uncomfortable, and what part of the system doesn’t suit your personal
style. You end up with your own tailored time management system.
A personalized time management system is what I want you to create
using the 21st Century Time Management principles.
To do this you need to understand some really important aspects of
yourself. They are:
Your dominant time perspective
Your thinking and communications style
Your preferred learning style
Your top 5 values
assessments for each of these to guide you along the way. Then I provide
suggestions throughout the process for the different styles and key points
where you need to stop and reflect on your styles and values, then add
you personal touch to your time management system.
Let’s look briefly at each of these aspects of yourself and how they fit into
a time management system.
1.9. Time Perspective
Your time perspective has a significant impact on your behaviour and the
way you spend your time. Research over the last 10 years has shown that
your time perspective is related to making money, achieving goals,
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