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The next step in the 21st Century Time Management system is to create
an ideal week structure. Make it colourful and make sure you have
included all aspects of your life (not just work).
Just before I get you to define your ideal week structure, I want to
introduce you to what I call capacity.
1.7. Capacity
Dean realised that his previous style gave him no flexibility and that the
weekly structure gave him lots of flexibility. A key part of creating this
flexibility is what I call capacity.
Capacity is the amount of hours available to you to do what you want
to do. It is the size of your (time) fuel tank.
The weekly structure gets you to think about your weekly capacity. In the
weekly structure you include EVERYTHING you want to do that week. I
will explain more of the detail in how to do that shortly, but the point I am
making is that this structure is about your LIFE not just work.
99% of all the people who have been through this process have AT
LEAST 20 MORE HOURS OF TASKS than they can fit in to their ideal
weekly structure (or any week for that matter).
Many people have two or three weeks worth of tasks that they think they
will get done this week! And this is using their time estimates – which are
almost always ill under the real time it takes to complete the task. And this
does not allow for interruptions or unforseen events.
Seeing your TIME CAPACITY in a visual weekly structure creates a huge
BFO (Blinding Flash of the Obvious) for most people which is – “I try to fit
too much in to my week, and that is why I run out of time and that is why I
never get to do X!”
Yes, it seems simple, but when you see it physically, it really sinks
Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine your refrigerator for a minute. Your
fridge has a certain capacity, a volume of stuff that can fit in to the fridge.
Now imagine you go shopping and you buy lots of stuff that needs to be
kept in the fridge – you know milk, cheese, drinks, meat, fresh vegetables,
juice, cream, butter and so on. You get home and realise that you can’t fit
all the food into the fridge.
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