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There are several aspects to help you see your life as one life. They are:
Use a structure
Know your capacity
Create one time management system
Define and Balance your roles
1.6. Structure
The foundation of the system is structure. Many people have an initial
resistance to the idea of structure, but please believe me when I say that it
is critical to start with a structure.
I believe a structure is essential to use your time to get what you want in
your life. The structure becomes the integral part your ongoing planning. A
plan is essential to be effective, yet as we live day-to-day we seem to get
caught up in doing rather than planning.
Let’s look at some examples of where you EXPECT structure and
planning to be in place.
Do you ever fly? How would feel if your airline decided NOT to use the air
traffic control processes (plans) and NOT to have any flight plans. Would
you accept that? No. Why not? Because it would not be safe.
There are many other examples. Going in for surgery is another example.
Do you want a focus Plans and Process OR do you want a focus on
Yet, most people fall in to the trap of Doing rather than Planning.
When I talk to my clients and groups about this the first comment that
comes back to me is “yeah, but those things (flying, surgery) are for really
important situations and safety is a major issue!” Think about that
response for a minute. This implies that your time is not important enough
to plan for.
Do you really think your time in not important? Not important enough to
plan for? THINK AGAIN.
So, if you expect a clear effective plan for important events like flying and
surgery, then you should expect that same for your own time.
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