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1.5. Lesson 3 - Whole-in-One
I believe, as a community, we have fallen into the trap of seeing our life in
segments -- like there are separate versions of ourselves operating in
different lives.
The third 21st Century Time Management principle is about seeing your
whole life as one-life (that’s why I spelt it whole-in-one). Most people
separate work life and personal life. Life away from work can be split
further depending on what you are involved in.
The problem that this causes is that you lose track of how your different
lives or roles interconnect, especially in terms of spending time. Your life is
ONE LIFE. And you have a limited amount of time to fit everything in to
that life.
Your use of time will be more effective for you if you can SEE your life as
I believe you need to have a visual representation of how you will use your
time for ALL roles you play. This ensures that your roles are balanced and
you are very clear about the time you will spend in each role each week.
How many diaries do you have? Often these days people have 4 or 5
diaries or different types. From your work computer to your phone to a
family calendar.
How well do you think you can manage your time if your time allocation
is in many different places.
Imagine your car had 5 different gas tanks. Your engine takes gas from
different tanks depending on how you are driving. Each week you get 60
litres maximum. You do NOT have a fuel gauge. If any tank is empty when
the engine needs it, the car stops.
How will you decide which tank to put the gas in?
This analogy is how many people manage their time. Separating their time
into different tanks without knowing the fuel levels, the fuel required or
when they will use each tank.
So don’t handle your time that way. Look at your time like it is one full
tank. Think about use of your time like a long drive (how much fuel will I
need to get there) and use a fuel gauge.
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