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3. Easter Egg Toss


This is a fun Easter game that all ages can enjoy. It can be used with a small group or a large group.
Using large sheets of construction paper, cut three different sized eggs – a large, a medium and a small egg - in three different colors. Glue the medium sized egg in the center of the large egg and glue the small egg into the center of the medium egg. The small egg will be the equivalent of the bull’s eye on a dart board.

Next give a value to each of the three different colors, for example, the smallest egg could be worth 20 points, the medium sized egg could be worth 10 points and the large egg could be worth 5 points.

Place the eggs on the floor and mark a spot about 3 to 4 paces away from the egg. This spot could be marked with a cutout egg shape for children to stand on.

The children stand on this space and take turns to gently toss or roll a small solid chocolate Easter egg onto the egg cutouts. Points are awarded according to where the egg lands. After several turns each, a prize is awarded to the person with the most points.

The Easter Egg Toss Game can also be played as a team game.5 Divide the group into even teams and allow each member to have one toss.10 Tally the points and the team with the highest points will be the winner. 20 If teams don’t all have the same number of people allow those with fewer members to have someone toss twice so that each team has the same number of turns.