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2. Easter Bingo

Easter Bingo is another fun Easter activity that kids can play again and again. Children can be involved in making their own bingo cards as well as playing the game. Bingo cards can be made with Easter words or Easter pictures. The children can draw the pictures or use Easter stickers.
Each player is given a 3 X 3 grid and fills it in with a selection of Easter words or Easter pictures. The words will need to be predetermined before starting.
The caller can have the Easter Words or pictures on cards and draw them out one by one. The players cover their words or pictures when they are called and compete to be the first to cover a row, column or diagonal. Then they try to be the first to cover their entire card.

An interesting version of the traditional Bingo game is to have the caller mime the word that is called. The other players guess what is being mimed and when it is confirmed that the word is correct, they can then cover the word.

Try these Easter Words for your Easter Bingo – Easter, egg, bunny, chocolate, candy, flowers, basket, ducks, chicks, bonnet, parade, decorate, April, find, hunt, search, Sunday, tulips, jellybean, lamb, nest.


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