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Making your own chocolates is a fun and tasty activity.
These are a few simple recipes that kids can try.
Use cooking chocolate chips that you melt slowly in a microwave or a double boiler. (Just
take it easy though as overheating it will burn the chocolate and ruin it.)
Once it is melted add unsalted peanuts and stir them in.
Scoop out spoonfuls onto a tray and place in the freezer until they are set. (It might take
about 10-15 minutes.)
This time instead of adding peanuts try adding coconut.
Again just spoon onto a tray, put into the freezer until set and remove from the tray once they
have set.
Once the chocolate is melted, add marshmallows and jelly candies (small sized pieces). This
can be spooned out in large chunks or set in the bowl. It will take a while to set in the freezer
if setting it in the bowl.
If it is set in the bowl, turn it out in a large lump and cut into pieces. (Best for an adult to cut
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this one though.)