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Easter trees have become a popular tradition in some countries. They can be used to
decorate inside the home or a tree in the garden can be decorated to create an Easter tree.
Kids love making this Easter tree that is simple to make but the end result is an attractive and
appealing Easter decoration.
A dead branch from a tree
Silver spray paint
A plant pot or container for the base
Decorative stones
Colored construction paper
Easter Stickers
To start spray paint the dead branch silver.
When it is dry, stand the branch in the plant pot or container and fill with the decorative
stones to hold it in place.
Now you can make the decorations for the tree.
Cut egg shapes from the colored paper cutting at least two of each size.
Decorate the egg shapes using markers, glitter, ribbon and stickers.
Glue the egg shapes in pairs gluing them back to back to make the decorations.
Put a small whole at the top of each decoration and tie a piece of ribbon through the hole.
Hang the decorations from the silver branches.
Other decorations can also be added including ribbons tied in bows and small chickens.
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