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12. Easter Word Puzzles

Easter provides a great opportunity for educational games and puzzles. The kids can have fun with these Easter activities and also be learning at the same time! Here are a few word puzzles to get you started.


To create this you will need a few Easter sentences. If you are doing this with a group of children let each of them write an Easter sentence. It might be a sentence about the Easter bunny, about Easter eggs or things that the children like to do at Easter. Play Sentence Jumble by running the words together and then breaking the letters up into groups of three, four or five letters. The children have to rewrite the sentence correctly. Here is one to try.

theea sterb unnyh oppe dalon gthep athle avin geg gsfore ver yone



One of the simplest Easter puzzles to create is a ‘Word Find’. Write the words ‘Easter Bunny’ at the top of a page and challenge children to find as many words as possible that use the letters in Easter Bunny. The person who finds the most will be the winner.


The traditional spelling game of Hangman can be given an Easter twist by changing the Hangman diagram to a Bunny diagram. Choose a simple bunny picture with 10 – 14 parts. Now use Easter words to play the game and play in the usual way.

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