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9. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without the traditional egg hunt for the kids. But you don’t have to stick to a traditional style hunt when there are many different versions of the egg hunt that may be even more fun. Here are a few different ones that you may like to consider.

This is an interesting version that keeps the kids busy during and after the hunt. For this version you will need a jigsaw puzzle with less than one hundred pieces. An Easter themed puzzle or a rabbit puzzle is preferable but if you can’t find one, any puzzle can be used. Instead of hiding eggs, hide the puzzle pieces. If you are using a puzzle with a lot of pieces, the pieces can be hidden in clusters with several pieces together or you can put the pieces into several plastic bags or plastic eggs. The children can find the bags or eggs, pool the pieces together and then enjoy doing the puzzle.

This egg hunt combines a treasure hunt with an egg hunt. Clues that lead children from place to place are written on pieces of paper and put into plastic eggs. The clues eventually lead to the prize which can be a basket of Easter eggs for all to share.

Make sure your Easter egg hunt doesn't result in one or two kids finding most of the eggs (to the utter devastation of the little ones). To overcome this problem, have different colored eggs for each child. You can have a certain number of eggs for each child and let them know this number when they start. Before the start of the egg hunt, place a different colored egg in each basket and tell the kids that this is the only color they're supposed to hunt for. The first child to find all THEIR eggs wins a special prize.

Write the name of each child on one of the Easter eggs you hide, the one
that finds their own name wins a prize.