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7. Easter Riddle Match

This can be a card game or it can be a very special Easter Egg Hunt.
Start by collecting about 5-10 Easter riddles and answers.
Next cut egg shapes out of card.
Write the riddles on the egg shaped cards, writing one riddle on a card and the matching answer on a separate card.

These cards can be used for an egg hunt by hiding all of the cards for children to find. When all of the cards have been found, children read the cards and try to match a riddle and answer from the cards that they have found.
The winner of the egg hunt can be the child who matches the most riddles and answers.

The Riddle Egg cards can also be used to play a 'Memory' style card game. Spread out all of the egg cards face down on a table.
The players take turns to turn over two cards and read them both.
If they make a matching riddle and answer they keep the pair and have another turn. The winner is the player who has the most pairs at the end of the game.

Easter Riddle Match

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