2085 Redemption HTML version

fear entered within her inner mind as she held her rosary tight in her sweaty palms of her
hands. Tomorrow was harvesting day. She needed to be well and be able to participate or
else she wouldn’t get enough food vouchers to eat for the month. Punishment for not
being well was a harsh unkind reality that she knew to well. You either produce or you
die. Survival of the fittest was all she ever knew.
Before going to bed she had already set-up cockroach traps inside her room, hoping for
some extra protein. If she gets lucky, she will be able to pound them into a small mixture
and added it to her mold cover bread that she was able to obtain from the black market.
At a very young age, she knew that her life was just a commodity. Her precious life was
not her own, no ones life was any longer. It belong to the corporation and the total
profitability of the industrial system.
The green house affect had destroyed the ozone of the planet. The world resources
couldn’t support life as it once did after the ozone had been depleted. All living trees
were dead. All plants were destroyed. The oxygen of the planet quickly got depleted.
Everyone had to wear respirator to breath. The biological wars then came. The wars
unleashed killer airborne viruses. The plague took the souls of 99% of the world
population. Countries couldn’t exist as they once did. Cities crumbled. Only one city was
able to survive and the established global economic industrial complex quickly took over.
Within the Industrial city, individual rights were foregone and were distant memories.
The individual only exist for one reason and one reason only to support the profits and
existence of the Industrial city. Once a person’s profitability was gone, so was the
individual’s life.
Jessica sat silently staring at her black beaded rosary of St. Mary. It was given to her by
her mother and was her great grand mothers from Ireland. She was told that her great
grand mother had the “gift” that enable her to have special healing powers during her
time. Town folks would come to her for all different kinds of healing and she would
welcome them into her house . She used her hands and special herbs solutions to help
heal them.
She was told by her mother that the rosary itself had healing powers and would give her
strength. Jessica was totally out of strength, out of faith, and soon out felt that time itself
will be gone for her to.
Due to lack of population, every month, harvesting occurred in the industrial complex.
All fertile women had to present themselves to the office of genetic review. They would
then be attached to sterile machines that would harvest their eggs and in return they
would get food rations for the month. The eggs would then go through DNA testing. Any
defect found and the eggs would go to the office of pharmacy for drug manufacturing.
Those that deemed to have no defects would then go to the office of maternity where they
would be given to birthing hosts. The eggs would go through fertilization by the best