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By the Sea of Galilee

His name was Peter. He was in his early twenties with a very tone muscular body of a fisherman that has been working at sea since being a small child,. The working outside in the midday heat of the sun gave him a golden tan of a Roman‟s God. Capernaum was his home since birth. A small peaceful fishing village by the sea of Galilee. He loved his life and to be free to fish and to provide for his family was all he ever wanted or care about.

Peter felt a pain from the back of his shoulder. It was Andrew who just slapped Peter on the back. “Its going to be a fine day for fishing. We are truly both extremely lucky men that we don‟t have to toil with our hands in the desert sands.”

“You are right, my Brother. It‟s a fine early fall day to fish and live” The grapes from the summer are ripen and now being harvest, and soon we will have new wine to drink to go with our fresh fish and our mother‟s freshly baked breads. “There are no luckier men on this entire planet then us”, replied Andrew. Peter smiled at Andrew. He loved his brother, Andrew and will always love him.

“Come now and roll up your sleeves” “The nets are ready, and its time to get the day started” said Peter. They both lifted the nets into the boat. Both were excellent sailors and swimmers, and could out fish with any of the other local fisherman. They both felt a slight wind starting to come over the lake which will help them get out into the lake swiftly once they raise their sails to the main mast. As normal that day, they were the first ones out fishing on the lake. “Early to bed, early to rise”, said Peter to himself.

Once they got further out in the lake, they went ahead and dropped their fishing nets.

With a large splash, the nets were now set in place next to their boat as they started to troll for fish.

In a different place and time, Jessica was still feeling nothing. She was still in a coma and unconscious. Jessica felt like she didn‟t have the ability to gasp for air. She was no longer in the nightmare of her past nightmare dream of demons, but was now completely under water trying to get to the surface to take a new breath of new air.

She continued to struggle through the depths of the water and could see the suns reflection sparkling on the water from above. She kept on pressing and trying to swim forward as quickly as possible, but she seems not to be making any progress. She started to take on water, and as water started to fill her lungs. “ I am almost to the surface, almost there” said Jessica. She only had one choice and one direction to go and that was to continue to move towards the surface of the suns reflection to get a fresh breath of pure air.

Peter was adjusting the nets and was the first to see Jessica. Peter saw something unusual about 100 feet from the boat. He thought he saw the hands of a body reaching out of the lake. He rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn‟t imaging the image like a mirage. He then looked again at the same spot, and this time saw the red hair of a lady in the sea for just a second or two. On instinct only, he dived immediately over the fishing nets and into the water without saying a word to Andrew his brother who was occupied on the other side of the boat, and who has been looking in the opposite direction.

It didn‟t take long for Peter to get to Jessica‟s side. Peter wrapped his arms around Jessica‟s shoulders and was holding her above the water surface. Jessica had taken on to much water and was still unconscious. By now Andrew saw what was happening, and had pulled in the nets with only a few fish that was caught in them out of the water. He started to steer the boat quickly to Peter‟s and Jessica‟s direction.

Once the boat was along side, Peter lifted Jessica into the boat. He then put his arms just underneath her breasts and pushed into her lungs. Water immediately came out of her mouth as she immediately started gasping for air.

Jessica was too exhausted to speak, as Peter wrapped her up in a blanket that was lying on the bottom of the boat. “We need to get her to shore and to our mother‟s house right away” Peter said to Andrew. Andrew understand immediately and started steering the small boat to the direction of the nearest shore line.

Jessica was pale and gray as she slowly started to get come color back as she recover from the grips of eternal death itself.

“Is she dead”, said Andrew to Peter while steering the boat onto the sand covered shore.

Peter gave Andrew a look of unknowing. Seagulls were circling in the air as the small fishing boat landed on the shore. Peter gripped Jessica‟s upper body and Andrew her lower and lifted her out of the boat. It was still early morning yet and the shoreline was still vacant. Beautiful white clouds were now reflecting on the lake as the morning sun had started its daily journey through the sky. They decided to take her through the back gate of the village. They could smell the morning bread being baked from within the village homes.

They stopped at one corner edge of the village. Andrew saw them first. Six large Roman centurions wearing white robes and red cloaks marched by them in formation. Peter and Andrew were unnoticed by them, as they hide silently out of sight in the corner by a wooden and stone fence. It was tax time and the Roman‟s have came into the city for their collection.

“That was close” said Peter to Andrew. They both took a deep breath and move quickly again through the village once the Romans were well past them and headed again towards the small stone house were they both live.

Peter‟s mother had just come back from the well with the morning water provisions.

She was not a large woman, but could carry the large clay water pot balance on her head.

Her black hair was pulled and braided in the back ready for the morning chores.

She knew that Peter and Andrew already were off fishing and already had cleaned up the kitchen table where they had their early morning meal. She didn‟t expect them to be back until late afternoon or early evening.

So she was fearful when the door slammed open startling her. She saw Peter and Andrew concern faces as they carried Jessica‟s body into the living area. There was still a small fire burning in the fireplace next to a small bed. Peter laid Jessica on to the bed softly.

She said to Peter and Andrew, who is she? Where did you find her? She must be from the North with her fair skin and her red hair of the dragons. Her eyes are as blue as a morning dove.

“Mother, said Peter. “We were in the middle of the Sea of Galilee when we found her”.

She was just floating and mostly submerged under the water. The girl has been unconscious since we pulled her out of the lake.”

She might be a Roman slave girl. We all have heard the stories of the Roman capturing pretty young girls from the north and taking them on as their slaves.

If she was one, it would be very dangerous for us to keep her in our house if the Roman‟s find out. If she was a runaway, she will have both her legs broken and deformed. They might even put her to death by crucifixion depending on what she had also done to her master.

“I understand” said Peter‟s mother with a short sigh. Stay her and I will get a fresh robe for her, and I will also bring her new beddings for the night.

She told Peter and Andrew that they most go back fishing so the neighbors wouldn‟t get suspicious and notify the authorities on them. Since the Romans came to the village, no one could trust each other and informants were more common then the average house fly.

Peter and Andrew told her that they will be back soon and wouldn‟t put in a whole day fishing. Peter opened the front door and stepped out. The sun was now higher up on the horizon and folks were starting their morning activities in the village. “Do you think she is a Roman prostitute” said Andrew to Peter as they started back to their boat on the shoreline.

Peter took Andrew shoulder. “I don‟t know who or what she is?” “I do know that she needs our help and that is what we need to be focusing on.” They got to their boat and everything was there as they left it. Peter doubled checked the nets and make sure everything was ready for their daily fishing run. Peter and Andrew pushed the boat off from the shore and soon they were fishing again in the Sea of Galilee, and doing what they did best and loved.

The morning and afternoon went by slowly for both of them. They were able to get several large fish from their nets as they brought the nets in after their final run. When they came back to shore, they prepared the fish for market and brought them to the marketplace for them to be smoked and sold the next day. They had the reputation of having the best catches from the sea and was always able to sell their fish at a slight premium.

They both were very concern over the unknown lady from the sea that they found early that morning. They both hurried from the market place after buying some fresh vegetables and fruits for the nightly meal.

Peter‟s mother just finished giving Jessica a sponge bath and putting a fresh evening robe on her. Jessica had been unconscious all day and still had sweats from the fever that she developed from that morning.

“How is she”, said Peter as he pulled up a small stool next to her. “She isn‟t doing well”, still unconscious and non-responsive. “You said you found her in the sea just floating”.

“That right, we just put in the morning nets when Peter saw her just floating.”

“She was very lucky that you did. In her condition, I wouldn‟t think she would have lasted very much longer by herself.”

“I brought some vegetables and fruits for tonight‟s dinner” “”I will get the dinner started right away. I am making yours, and Andrew‟s favorite meal tonight, lamb‟s stew.”

“Thank you very much”, said Peter” “Andrew and I will continue to watch her and see if there is any progress for her.” She brought them their wooden bowls filled with lamb stew and drinks. They both ate half heartily as they both stared at Jessica. Wondering who she was and how her journey brought her to their doorsteps.

The sun was setting and creating a red glow to the sky. “It‟s a pretty sunset”, as Peter stared at Jessica red flowing hair as she still lay silently before them both. They could hear an owl outside as the evening stars were starting to appear. Andrew went and got their bedding. They wanted to be with Jessica, in case things started to get worst. Andrew attended the fire place which was only glowing ambers now.

Its been a very long day, and soon the sun will rise again starting a brand new day.

Andrew and Peter said good night to their mother, and made sure all the candles were blown out. They both took one more look at Jessica. She has been lifeless all evening taking in deep raspy sounding breaths once in awhile. Her soft skin reflected the moonlight that was starting to come in from the open windows. Her eyes were distant and vacant as a wooden doll made from straw.

Peter took out his prayer book and they both recited a prayer for her.

Yahweh of Abraham,

Yahweh my God,

On this day, and every day,

be our strength and power

upon this precious child

of mercy before us.

Heal her inner wounds,

and redeem

her lifeless body

as you have nourished

your tribe of Israel.

from the given wastelands.

As the beloved child of Eve and Adam

give her peace, joy, and inner well being

May the Angels be forever watchful

by her side as she walks her days and nights

until her final days on earth.

Shalom and Peace upon your new awakening.

They both put their beddings next to her and fell softly asleep. Andrew was awakened by the sound of a bell. It rang softly, and got louder. It was coming from the garden within their courtyard. Andrew put on his sandals and walked out into the courtyard where they had a small herb and vegetable garden.

By the fountain, there was a glow that looks like hundreds of fireflies. They shifted into beautiful geometric shapes and forms. The ringing of the bell occurred each time they shifted into a new pattern. Andrew saw that the patterns were very ancient symbols but didn‟t know their meaning. The bell ring turned into a humming sound, and then the sparkling lights turned into an image of a beautiful Angel. Andrew fell to his knees, and started to shake. “Do not be afraid”, for I am here to give you a message of inner hope and love for your new found friend. “Her name is Jessica, treat her like a beloved sister.”

“In the morning at sunrise”, your must take Jessica to the Jordan River. “You will find a man with a wild beard in camel cloth holding a wooden staff. This holy one will be able to help her.”

Andrew looks at the Angel. She was larger then a normal size person and had the most beautiful wings that were transparent and changed color. He could also smell the scent of roses, lavender, and sand wood all combined in a lovely perfume.

“You and your brother are a divine blessing to the world. Do not forget what I have said to you. Be true to yourself and you shall transform the world for the better.” The humming sound stopped and the Angel vanished from the garden courtyard. The beautiful fragrance was left behind.

Andrew went back into the room where Peter was still sleeping next to Jessica. “I can‟t believe what just happen to me” “I just saw a miracle, an Angel larger than any person I have ever seen before.” He could barely sleep for the rest of the night. Still dark, he got out of bed and got the family donkey ready to take Jessica to the river Jordan as the Angel had requested.

He carefully lifted her out of bed and put her on cotton blankets within a small wooden wagon that had already been hitched to their family donkey. Andrew left a message for his mother and Peter and headed for the Jordan River.

The early morning air had a chill in the air as he started his journey. The streets were still pitched black and only for a few torches that were still burning by the village gates. He passed the gates and was soon on the dirt road.

Andrew had heard of this wild man by the Jordan that was healing people and baptizing with water. He lived out in the desert by himself and had nothing but nature to cloth him and to feed him. He was said to feed off from the wild honey of bees. Andrew stopped and checked on Jessica. He could see a campsite by the Jordan River in the distant, as the faint glow of the morning sun was starting to appear in the eastern sky.

A large shadow appeared across their path holding a lamb in one arm and a staff in another. The man had a wild beard and the size of a giant. Andrew held tightly the rope to the donkey. “Who goes there and what do you want so early in the morning.” “I am Andrew, the fisherman” “I was told to bring this child from the Sea of Galilee to see the holy man by the Jordan river, so she could be healed”

“You must follow me at once”, he said swiftly. Directing him to his camp site by the Jordan River.” “ What is wrong with her”, he said to Andrew.

“We don‟t know, we found her in the Sea of Galilee, just floating on the surface of the water. She was totally lifeless and unresponsive.” Andrew walked the donkey down into the camp area. There were a few followers of this man already awaken in the early dawn preparing their morning meals. My name is “John the Baptist”. John helped Andrew lift Jessica from the donkey next to one of the larger tents in campground.

John lifted off the ground by his own strength, and headed to the river without breaking a stride. He went into the river and raised Jessica body above his head while saying a sacred Jewish prayer. John then started to spin and water started to rise from the river and then above him and Jessica like a fountain. Within a minute, the water had totally engulfed them.

Andrew and a few of John‟s followers were watching form the river‟s edge. They couldn‟t see either of them as the river of Jordan engulfed them. They all heard a very loud popping sounds like firecrackers going off on the Fourth of July. The water then fell back upon the Jordan river, and John was there smiling and standing all alone by himself.

John then went to Andrew, “come and have a morning meal with us, and I will tell you everything that I know.”

Mr Bone’s and the Dusty Highway

Jessica‟s monitor alarms went off in the nursing unit. Her blood pressure had dropped to critical again. Several nurses came running into the unit for the code blue, and attached a new IV into her arm, while a droid gave her a shot with medication directly into her chest to keep her heart and lungs breathing.

Jessica woke up, but she was no longer in the nursing area, nor was she on the river side of the Jordan River. She was now standing on hot asphalt with a hot desert wind blowing upon her face. She was standing on the side of an empty Arizona highway. It sure is hot out here.

She could see what look like a structure of some type, just down a ways on the highway.

“Well I got no better place to set my saddle for a while”, Jessica said to herself.

She thought she heard the saying from an old television series of Gun Smoke, or was it the Lone Ranger.

As she got closer to the structure. She saw that it was a broken down gasoline building with open holes in the roofing. A rusty windmill was still working even though rust has taking most of the original paint off it. She notice a broken sign that was beside her.

She picked it up, and wiped off the dust and dirt with her bare hands. The sign said Nothing, Arizona. “Well, isn‟t that the obvious”.

The heat of the desert now was starting to affect her. She head towards the shed like building for some shade. It looked like its been abandon for a while. An old wooden native Indian statue was standing as the greeter by a broken coke machine next to the front entrance. An Santa Fe bench had a woven blanket tied as a back cushion. She sat for a minute to reflect for a minute, and watched the wind blow through the desert landscape.

The door to the building was missing, so she got up and walked into the building. There was spider webs in every corner. The air was a little bit cooler, but not much. It must be over 115 outside. A voice came from the far corner of the room. “My I help you miss?”

Jessica looked and it was a skeleton man with an old beat up cowboy hat on. Where am I?

“You my fine lady are in the fair city of Nothing Arizona” replayed Mr. Bones. What is your name? Jessica said to the skeleton cowboy.

“My name, My name, Nobody has asked me for my name in a hundred of year or more.

“Why my name is Mr. Bones. I am the caretaker of this fine establishment. I don‟t get a lot of travelers stopping by any longer. Are you running away, because you killed a man?”

“Of course, I am not running away because I killed a man. What type of question is that?”

“Well, you see there are a lot of murders and bandits in these old parts”, “But a question is some time just a question.” “No offense taken I hope”, said Mr. Bones while giving her a toothless grin. Mr Bones went back to his rocking chair in the corner and took out his harmonica. He started to play an old country western cowboy melancholy tune.

Mr bone started to speak again. “Talking about questions? You flesh people always have questions. Who am I, Where am I going? What is the true meaning? Will I ever be happy? Who will I love? What is my career and purpose in life? You all worry the flesh right off of your naked bones.”

Jessica thought that Mr. Bones was stranger than strange, and she just stared at him for a minute trying to read his mind. Which may be difficult with Mr. Bones being a skeleton and all.

“It‟s a dry heat isn‟t it?” “You get use to it after a few summers living her in Nothing, Arizona.”

Jessica was starting to get thirsty and she looked at the bar which was empty except for some dust filled bottles. “You look thirsty”, said Mr. Bones. “I should be a better host, but you need to help me on this one.”

“You first must empty your total mind young lady. Take in a few breaths and let them out.

Ok, do it a few more time until you are relax. If anything comes in that isn‟t welcome, you just tell that image to go away and leave you alone.” Now say after me, “I am a holy entity of the wholeness and wellbeing of the universe, and that which is given is for my better good and highest consciousness”

“Now on the counter before you, I want you to visualize a mason jar full of sweet strawberry lemonade. Close you eyes and then slowly open them up.”

Jessica did what Mr. Bones told her, and she opened up her eyes, and there was a ice filled old fashion glass mason jar full of her favorite strawberry lemonade. She smiled at Mr. Bones and took the Mason jar and put it against her dried lips and started to drink slowly and deeply. She now felt better after drinking the liquid and sat down on a stool next to the counter.

“Back in the old days, they use to talk about site 51 up in the deserts in Nevada. There were rumors of alien spacecrafts and biological testing. They said they brought the Roswell craft there and three dead aliens in which they dissected and then destroyed their remains. I remember stories about the Phoenix lights too and abductions of humans.

You‟re not an alien disguised as a human are you?, Mr Bones look curiously at Jessica.

Jessica laughed and said that she was 100% human and without any alien DNA in her entire biology.

“That‟s good”, said Mr. Bones. We don‟t like aliens or immigrants much here in Arizona.

We would rather string one up alive, then to have their boots stand on our sacred ground for a minute longer then necessary. A large tarantula dropped from the ceiling onto Mr.

Bones lap. “Here is one of my pets”, as spoke he started to stroke the hairs on the back of its woolly spider‟s spine.

“I appreciate you hospitality, but how do I get out of here. I need to get back to my garden and take care of my plants and nature.

Mr. Bone gave a sad look at Jessica.

“You don‟t ever leave here, not until you grow old and turn into a pile of old bones just like me. This is your final resting place.” Jessica had a look of total fear on her face.

“Final resting place, Nothing Arizona is not my final resting place”, she shouted at Mr.


“See I told you Mr. Woolly”, now talking to his spider. “She must be a murder after all and full of anger and rage through and through out her being.”

Mr Bones just kept on rocking back and forth petting his friend Wooly, the tarantula.

“She is just like a plain outlaw hated by society.”

Jessica had enough of this circular conversation that was definitely not going anywhere constructive. Jessica decided to investigate further and carefully stepped out of the back of the small building that they were in.

She opened the door, and it was like opening up a hot furnace. The air outside smelled hot, look hot, and felt hot. There was nothing there but dirt covered rocks and a rusted out frame of a jeep with all four wheels gone. The sound of thunder was echoing from the distance from an early evening monsoon storm that had been building up on the horizon.

Sweat started to bead on her forehead and her cloths started to feel damp with perspiration from the intense heat of the late afternoon.

She found a bench that had some shade from the tin overhang of the building. She said down and tried to gather her thoughts. She felt pain from deep inside and she started to cry. She took her shirt sleeve and whipped her eyes dry and then she felt a nose bleed coming.

First just one drop of blood and then another as blood started to poor out of her nose. As a child, she use to get stress nose bleeds all the time and always had to be aware of them and when one was about to come on.

She held her head back as blood started to drip down her throat, as she tried to stop the bleeding. The blood had dripped on to her blue jeans and shirt. The bleeding finally stopped. She looks back into the open area next to the junkyard jeep. There standing in the open wind was a white coyote with what looks like a bloody rag in its mouth.

The coyote then transformed into Apache medicine women. She was beautiful with black hair down her shoulders and was wearing a traditional wedding ceremony garment that was made out of buffalo skins. In here hands, she was holding a live beating heart.

Jessica couldn‟t move her eyes off her.

The medicine women approached Jessica and sat down before her holding the beating heart to her. In her native voice, she started to chanting. Even though Jessica did‟t know the language, she somehow was able to understand the words that she was speaking to her.

“My sacred sister” “You have come here from a distance of a different dimension of time and inner space”. “Your time is not my time, but we are the limbs of the same holy tree that feeds from the sacred spring of eternity.” “I lift the sacred heart before you to drink its grace of love from its fountain.”

“Do not be afraid, but be healed by its substance.”

Jessica felt her own heart beating faster. She fell onto her knees in front of the medicine lady as if she was in a trance. The medicine lady lifted the heart above her and Jessica opened her mouth as blood started to pour into Jessica‟s mouth and into her whole entire being.

Jessica started to feel an inner heat that started to rise from her inner thighs and started to rise into her hips and lower stomach areas. From there, the heat raised up through her midriff and into her moist breasts. She started to feel the waves of heat going into her lungs and into her throat. It then went up into her face and around her head.

“Let the heat of the Kundilini embrace you and purify your mind, body, and soul.

The medicine women pulled Jessica into her embrace and started to kiss her on the softness of her neck. She kissed Jessica on her mouth, and she felt a sensation throughout her body. Jessica‟s body started to shake. It was as if her body and the medicine women‟s body had become one with each other and with the total universe of all time and all space.

Jessica fell into the medicine‟s women‟s embrace and the last words she heard was:

“We are of the sacred heart and therefore we are one, and forever sacred sisters”

Jessica‟s eye‟s opened up and saw her friend Maria holding her hand‟s in the Medical emergency ward. Maria was one of the original clones and works in the biosphere program with Jessica for several years together. Tears were falling from her face.

“Jessica you are alive! “I have been so worried for you.” Jessica felt very tired and her vision was still a little bit blurry from waking up from her coma. “Those bastards did this to you when they were harvesting from you” “They told me that there was a good chance that you wouldn‟t make it back to the living because of all of the blood you have lost. I had faith in you and knew that you were going to awake again and be with us.”

Jessica gave a weak smile to Maria and softly squeezed her hand. “I am happy to make their prediction wrong” Maria leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. “I have to go now, but tomorrow is the weekend so I will see you first thing in the morning.” The floor nurse came over and hookup some new medicine and fluids.

“You are a very luck girl.” The nurse said to Jessica. “We all thought that you were never coming back and would have to send you down to genetics for your parts to be reprocessing and cloned.

“A very lucking girl” repeated Jessica to herself as she was trying to concentrate through the current pain that remained in her head and spine. She then remembered her inner journey to the Sea of Galilee with Peter, Andrew, and John, and her visit to Mr Bones and the Apache Medicine women in Nothing, Arizona.

What did it all mean? What was the true meaning of it all? Jessica had her first awakening, and now she wanted answers, and wanted them now. She looked at the side of her bed, and there were fiber optic flowers that changed different colors depending on the mood of the patient. “Pretty little bio feedback device”, she said, as she started slowly to move her fingers and toes making sure that they were all accounted for and attached.

It was now getting late in the ward, and the nurse went through the ward one last time.

The nurse gave Jessica, a sponge bath, and gave her a couple of sleeping pills to take.

Jessica took the sleeping pills and sipped on a class of water. She thought she heard the sound of distance thunder, as she put her head on the pillow of her bed and fell fast asleep.

The words, “We all come from the sacred heart and therefore we are all one” kept on going through her mind. She fell asleep again but no longer in danger of her given life.

The days slowly pasted by and Maria stopped by often. After a couple of weeks, Jessica was strong enough to get back to her living quarters and to start her normal activities again in the bio-sphere 35 area.