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In 2040 the United States of America is officially dissolved by a Constitutional Convention. State referendums held in 2038 gave citizens the opportunity to decide what new country they would become part of in 2040. This historic event was a result of unprecedented immigration of Latino’s into the U.S. and at the same time, a vast emigration of American citizens to new countries. During this same time, drastic climate changes has created historic draught conditions over most of the Northern Hemisphere, except in the Northern Appalachians, which is one of the world leader’s in precipitation. This story combines these unprecedented changes of demographic and water concentrations in the world.

Atlantica, a new country formed from northeastern states of the U.S., now controls the world’s largest man made aquifer that was built by the U.S. and is located in the Appalachian mountains. Atlantica decides to use the Aquifer System to gain economic concessions from neighboring countries in violation of its original intent and mandates established by the U.N. This decision would be a threat to peace in the Northern Hemisphere.

Kurt Sloan, the last of an Anglo Scotch-Irish family, decides to escape Atlantica. His journey, along a forgotten hiking trail, is filled with unexpected events and people, symbolizing the human and natural changes in the year, 2050.