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The only future that can be predicted with 100 percent certainty is one that can be calculated mathematically--for example, the orbit of a comet. Adam is unknowingly selected on a short list for relocation by aliens, as part of a grand plan to save the Earth's species from certain extinction in the coming global catastrophe. Download this FREE e-Book today!

marykay monson

excellent! look forward to the next sequel

Heather Rawding

I found it moved a little slowly, so I've shelved it (so to speak) for now, and will try a return visit later. Sometimes a restart can be all is needed.

Russ Deane

Well written and holds the attention of the reader. The good Dr. must be/have been a surfer. As an older reader and surfer I can remember all the places he refers to as they were when he was writing about them. The ending definitely ensures you get the next book but that is a little commercial for my taste.Looking forward to book 2 which I have just downloaded.

Craig Foster-Johnson

I found it quite good.a good read

The Air

So nice book. I have enjoyed it so much. My compliments and gratitude to the author.

Michael Delbene

The unconventional sci-fi angle makes this an interesting and compelling read. The plot involves Australian surfers and the details of the surfing experience are amazing. The serious sci-fi elements are developed more in Book 2 which I'm reading now and enjoying the whole "just chillin" approach - no spoilers, sorry!

Danton Kabuye

The story was well woven and made interesting reading.

Tavish Patterson

Great read so far, look forward to slowly finishing it!

Ian Graham

A bit verbose and slow to start but a decent story.


too much fowl language

Mark Richmond

very good: a little 70's vintage with a EOTWAWKI slant.


Really great book! (And finally, there is a sequel) Some say they didn't like the writing style, but I thought it was okay. But I'm always more interested in the story anyway - and this story IS very interesting - something different from the norm. [just as a side info: The formatting of the Kindle-version on Amazon is totally messed up. I would've bought it over there, but the free sample I sent to my Kindle looked the same as the preview... i.e. unreadable. The formatting of the epub version I downloaded on foboko, however, looked great as do the html and pdf versions on this site here...]

Jim Verdugo

THE best e book I have read in a long long time and no gross errors in it either. Mind expanding stuff even for a 68 year old codger.JV

Tony Cullimore

How refreshing to read a book set in some of my favourite places!! And a good tale too.

Larry Bailey

excellent read, surfing and sex go hand in hand and always have (at least in Oz), along with the wackie weed, but then I grew up in this era so saw it all, nice to see someone throw all the truths into a fit of fiction

Gilbert J Heroux

Just finished reading this. Liked it very much. Just a little too much drugs and sometimes wordy. Looking forward to reading 2023.2.

Mr Damian

Enjoyed the book very much. Wouldn't mind a book 2 that would explain the aliens and what happens to Earth.

Craig Iansiti

Great read. Be sure to read the continuation on 2023.2


The drugs and sex was a little too weird at times, the hang gliding and surfing was interesting, the sci-fi was actually interesting. It was not a solid up or down.

Gary Thornton

Fantastic, but geez, the ending - 90 miles an hour into a brick wall - okay if there's a sequal, but is there?

Jaco Pelser

Book jump to many times forward and back in time, honestly start from the beginning.

Joel K

A little slow at times but carries the taste of a certain personal experience. A special book for sure


I enjoyed the read, the descriptions of the surfing and hangliding was interesting for a non surfer. Obviously something the author enjoys to do to the Sci-fi parts I feel some of it was over the top like the desciption of how Zeke discovered the measurements of the grill...the way some characters get vanished out of the story left me a bit dissapointed, it felt like the author was trying to finish the book and didn't know how to get to the end fast enough...but then reading is a personal thing and all of this is my own humble opinion! I'll come back for more in the future from this author.

Matt Ousley

It took a while to get into, but was a great book. Ending was predictable and a bit of a cliff hanger at the same time.

Mark N Hopgood

Really enjoyed the feelings and scenery John portrayed.

claude irby

i liked the scope of the story premise. being a bit older i lived through some of the same times as the development f hang-gliding and i was interested in the levels of learning involved with trying to emulate the flight of birds. The teser-act gizmo was fun and the tongue in cheek of taking a mild ride that didn't end was a side-slip that left some room for further development. I like the building of everyday activity and the settings of tropic indulgence and was gad to see how living life is more important if you pursue dreams rather than assets and the imbalance of security


was a good book but got a bit confusing in parts.


good story when is the sequel coming out cant wait.

Michael Meyer

Very nice, easy read. Would read more.


Clumsy, pedantic writing style put me off from the very first page. It was so annoying that I couldn't finish the book.


A very nice book to read, though it's too long. The author did a very good job. It was a bit confusing at first, but later I could put it down. Some sections were unnecessary like Adam's notes covering several pages. In general, its a great book for reading.

Mrs E Berridge

The story line developed into an interesting adventure that made it difficult to put down. A really good book that I would recommend. It is difficult at first to get into the story but as you read on it really is a good story. The way it ends, I wonder if there is a sequel.


It's like being stuck in a car on a long road trip back in the 70's and having to listen to a pothead ramble on about their mundane life. Having to listen to a lecture on tooth care to an old lady is an example of how this book is in general. Yes if you read this book you have to read about tooth care to a patient with bleeding gums.

Paul A Neufeldt

Too much mysticism fantasy in this to the point where the science fiction side becomes a gimmick. Probably would appeal best to surfer hipster types, not pure sci-fi enthusiasts.

debbie williams

easy to read liked the aussie content

Elroy Grandy

A beautiful read. For everyone who believes the truth is out there.

Dave Reed

A relaxing read, good ending,skipped over reading his journal bit,too heavy and i hate reading italics


very interesting. keep me glued to book (kindle).

Matt Hasselquist

It was good, but very long and drawn out. Seemed like more of a plain for the writer to get his own personal philosophies across. The end was sufficient, but left you wondering what will happen. The synopsis didn't really give an accurate depiction of the book. There is very little extra-terrestrial events that happen. I think it was just a lot longer than it should have been, but still a good read!!!

Jc Molette

A little long winded and the plot is a little disjointed. However, if you stick with it, it all comes together in the end!

Jason Harmon

veryn good and thought provoking

Alan Yantes

Very thought provoking. So many aspects of philosophy from a perspective of altered awareness in many forms.

Gordon Eade

waited for something to happen. then got bored


A waste of time.

Vici D

Even ignoring all of the typing errors, grammar errors, punctuation errors, missing words, and repeated words--there were a LOT of errors in just the first few pages--I just couldn't get into it. The groups of sentences and paragraphs made so little sense, I'm not even sure it classifies as a story, and if it had a plot, it didn't feel like it was going anywhere. It started off mildly interesting and slightly well-written, and quickly went down hill from there. I lost the will to force myself through it after about ten pages, gave up on it, and decided to warn future readers about it.

Rachel Rosenfeld

Could'nt stop reading. Very intersting ideas.


Just a really good read. Took me back to those time as well...sigh


Well... I'm a boy from the area, and era. Dr John describes those times like I was there in his book. Found it a terrific read, you could say a bit of a Gas!. I would suggest that Dr John would have found the comment from Looloo a bit of a hoot. Not that I would suggest that of Dr John...not for one moment!

Robert Vincent

Very very good read.

Jim Parr

Watch out folks! This is pretty 'out-there' stuff. If you can endure the proselytizing and pseudo-science drivel there is actually a halfway decent tale buried in this tomb that may read-worthy to some.

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