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Equifax Sponsored Article
The Search For Romance Can Leave Some
With More Than A Broken Heart!
A reports more than £80 million a year being
nce scams, ID fraud expert warns of r
through roma
isks of giving
out personal information online.
London, 10th February 2011 – With figures out this week
reporting that romance scams a
Equifax, is reminding those looking for love to be wary about
what information they give out when contacting people online.
"There have been several cases reported of fraudsters
obtaining bank account details through a trail of deception
Munroe, External Affairs Director, Equifax. "There are many ways
that fraudsters target individuals, from forming a friendship on
social networking sites such as Facebook to trying to spark a
romantic relationship through dating websites. But what really
concerns us is the apparent relaxed attitude many users of
social networking sites have to protecting their personal
Equifax believes there is a worrying level of trust amongst
Facebook us
lack of privacy settings used by Facebook users – and the level
of data they share amongst their 'friends'.
Analysing one Facebook user's friends [2], the research
revealed that, of 173 friends, over three
on their profile. Whilst they may argue that they are only
making this information accessible to their 'friends', the fact is
that the data could become visible to everyone they add if
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re conning thousands in the UK
ut of £80million a year [1], leading identity fraud expert,
nd hacking into social networking accounts" explained Neil
ers, with many revealing a lot more than they
robably realise. Recent Equifax research has revealed the
quarters provide a
ersonal email address and 62% provide their full date of birth