2011 Free Credit Report Guide HTML version

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Welcome to Which Credit Report’s 2011 Free Credit Report
Guide. Which Credit Report is the only online credit report
comparison website that compares credit reports from all three
UK credit reference agencies.
This free guide will tell you everything you need to know about
your credit report, including what information you'll find on it
and how long the entries last. You'll also find out what your
credit score is, how to improve your credit score, what identity
fraud is, and how to protect yourself from identity theft.
With credit lenders becoming more and more cautious about
whom they lend to and the terms they offer, and with personal
identity theft and financial fraud on the increase, it's never
been more important to check your credit report on a regular
The three UK credit reference agencies, Experian, Equifax and
CallCredit, all offer £2 statutory credit reports, as well as credit
monitoring and credit scoring services. But why pay for your
credit report and wait for it to arrive in the post when it’s
possible to get it for free instantly online? Keep reading and
we’ll reveal all!
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