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About Identity Theft & Identity Fraud
Identity theft (ID theft) and identity
appen to
anyone. Chances are, if you
haven't already been a victim
someone close to you probably
What Is the Difference Between
Identity Theft and Identity Fraud?
ity theft occurs when an
rsonal information with the purpose
d. The thief commits identity fraud
tails to acquire documents in your
name, such as passports and driving licenses, or by applying for
financial products such as loans, credit cards, mortgages or
even state benefits. The personal information they collect and
the documents they acquire can also be used to target your
existing accounts.
identity theft crime to the UK economy is £1.2 billion. This fact
alone has brought identity theft prevention into the spotlight,
and made identity protection an important issue for consumers,
businesses and the government alike.
The reality however, is that identity theft scams are much more
sophisticated than that. Not only do they infiltrate the very
organisations that use your personal information on a daily
basis, but they also setup bogus companies to collect it over
the phone or the internet.
k statements or utility bills.
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fraud (ID fraud) could h
identity thief steals your p
of committing identity fra
by using your personal d
According to the latest figures from the Identity Fraud Steering
Committee (IFSC), which was set up by the Home Office in 2003
o help prevent id
entity theft and fraud, the annual cost of
The common conception of identity thieves is that they wait
until you leave the house, and then start going through your
ubbish bins looking for discarded ban