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How To Make Changes To Your Credit Report
information held on your credit report from
variety of sources. If any of it is wrong, it could affect your
Here's how to corr
ect the information held on your report.
The Electoral Roll
If you have registered to vote and your credit file does not
show this, please contact the credit reference agencies listed
at the bottom of this article and they will investigate the matter.
If you
can tell your local authority who will tell
redit reference agencies about your change of registration in
Court Judgments
If you believe a county court judgment has been recorded
incorrectly, you should contact the county court, quoting the
case number included on your file. If the judgment was
recorded incorrectly the county court will alter their records.
Credit reference agencies are told about any such changes
within four weeks, but if you give them original court
if necessary.
If you have paid a Scottish Decree, you should
(known as the pursuer) to confirm your payment.
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There is a variety of
ability to get credit.
have not registered to vote, you may want to contact
our local authority about filling in an electoral registration
If you move home you
the course of the y
in the form of a Certificate of Satisfaction or
ancellation, they may be able to change their records sooner
send Registry
rust (address below) a receipt or a letter from your creditor