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How Long Do Entries Stay On Your Credit Report?
For your reference, here is a list of how long entries remain on
your credit report before being removed from your credit
history by the relevant credit reference agency. Remember, if
there's anything on your credit file that's incorrect or that you
don't agree with, contact the lender and ask them to amend
r remove it. Incorrect information can affect your credit
find out what lenders are looking at, order a free copy of
r credit report.
Credit Report Entry
Administration Order
Six years
from the date of the order, even if paid in full.
Six years from the original registration date.
When a CIFAS Member identifies a fraud, a warning
with the details of the individual linked to the
application or facility is placed on the CIFAS database.
The warning shows the name used but this does not
necessarily mean the person named is involved in the
fraud, as fraudsters tend to use a variety of names,
some false and some genuine. The warning does not
mean the individual has been blacklisted. Any CIFAS
Member subsequently receiving that warning will see
the phrase ‘CIFAS – Do Not Reject – Validation
Required’. It reminds the Member that extra
precautions should be taken to ensure that the
application or facility that has
prompted the check of
the database is genuine and this protects the individual
from further fraud. The CIFAS entry will stay for as long
as there is evidence of fraud.
Protective Registration is a service offered by CIFAS that
helps to protect those whose identity is at risk due to
crime or loss of data. As a result of the entry, CIFAS
Members will undertake additional verification checks
to ascertain that the applicant is genuine and not a
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