20 Ways to Improve Your Writing


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Download this FREE e-Book, and discover 20 ways to improve your fiction-writing skills. Download it today!

Katherine Haag

The author gets right to the point from the very first sentence, giving specifics about what needs to happen, or about how things are and what needs to be done about them. Grammar and spelling are polished, and the author says no more than is absolutely necessary. (Therefore, I experienced no irritation from stumbling over confusing sentences, lots of typos, poor spacing, misspellings, etc.) Everything seems to be very well organized, too. Nothing was wasted anywhere. I was impressed as soon as I started to read!

Peter Buxton

I agree with Maria Louise - employing a proofreader would certainly help.The first tip I read has the advice:"Answering questions with interior monologue is fine but be careful not don't overdo it."This is not a good example of 'better writing'.

Sutapa dey

Provided insight and the tips were helpful for a first timer like me. Thanks.

Mj Hester

Good, easy to follow advice. Sure to helpwith all types of writing.

soraya bowie

The has simple, easy tips that will help me improve my horror writing. Very useful.


A must read for any new writer.


I would have 'liked it' but there is no spacing between the words in the pdf version, which makes it difficult to read. When I saw the title on my eReader (20WaystoImproveYourStory), I figured something was wrong...maybe some proofreading all the formats before publishing would help.


A big thank you to H.R.Morgan for such refreshingly practical advice. This book really does deliver all it promises and can only come highly recommended.

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