20 Proven Strategies to Sponsor Motivated Prospects to Your Network Marketing Business HTML version

20 Proven Strategies to
Sponsor Motivated Prospects….
About This Report
It is my sincere hope and intention you will receive one of the
following benefits from this report;–
i) It may give you new ideas or inspiration for strategies you have tried
before and you can now revisit them, fresh and recharged
ii) It could introduce you to some completely new ideas about how you
can attract customers and prospects to your business
iii) It should identify some new business building activities which
struggling members of your downline will be much more comfortable to
work with and therefore increase their chance of success
iv) It may just generally revitalise and re-energise you into believing
how great an opportunity our business genuinely is for so many people, in
these fast moving economic times.
Some chapters have ‘links’ to external resources within them –
mainly to provide examples of the strategies I am explaining.
I have also included a section with all these links PLUS many extra
resources in an Appendix at the end - allowing you to find out
more information about business building methods, which may be
of interest.
Although the links and examples are mainly UK based - the
strategies themselves are still relevant all around the world.