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What is a Meridian?
The meridian system is a model developed over thousands of years in the East,
on which acupuncture, acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine and various
other modalities are based.
These Eastern modalities developed in a culture that views the body as a self
balancing system, which, when it’s out of balance, requires action to help the
body rebalance itself - it's all about pattern rather than the Western idea of
pathology or disease.
Now, if you were to ask where the meridians are in the body, I could point you at
a diagram. However, although acupuncture is offered for some conditions on the
NHS, no one has ever been able to find the meridians. There are no little tubes
through which the energy runs, like blood through veins. However, there is
research that indicates a measureable change in electric charge on certain points
on the body that correspond with the points mapped out on meridian diagrams.
There is also research that measures surface conductivity on skin. But Western
science doesn't understand the energy model of the body or a system that takes
the body/mind/spirit as a whole and therefore tends to dismiss it as fantasy ...
until nothing else will work.
Meridians are the energy pathways through and around the body that the Ancient
Chinese observed, used and continue to use today.
How important is 5 Element Balance or
When your life is out of balance, your health suffers, you become stressed,
you’re unable to get everything done that
you need to – and you may find yourself
self medicating in various ways – alcohol,
overeating and prescription medicines.
The 5 Elements don’t just affect the health
of your body, but also of your mind and
spirit. You can find an article here about
the ways in which you may feel
unbalanced in one Element (Wood, in that
particular example) and how that might
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