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20 Insider Secrets of the Chinese 5
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Which of the Chinese 5 Elements is most
They are all equally important. Think about it: if your liver doesn’t work properly,
then your whole system feels it. The same with the Chinese 5 Elements
Having said that, Fire Element has four
meridians associated with it (Triple
Heater, Heart Protector, Heart and
Small Intestine), which indicates the
importance the Chinese put on the
heart and the Fire Element. In Ancient
China, it was thought that the Heart
was the centre of the body for both
thinking and health, as well as being
the seat of the spirit. They also
observed that when the heart stopped
beating, the person died, whereas if the brain stopped working properly, for
example as a result of a stroke or an injury, people didn’t necessarily die.
However, although Fire Element has a great deal of emphasis placed on it, that
doesn’t make it the most important Element. It’s important to have all 5 Elements
in balance in order that our lives, health, relationships and, yes, wealth, are also
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