2-4 Cavalry Book 12: The Lost Planet HTML version

the planet, the two governments finally using them in a bid for supremacy and as she guided the
craft, stupidity.
However, as the ship flew along it was clear that nobody won, and they were there to
pick up a girl that had possibly gotten lost here. “Landing site coming up.” She said on the
intercom as the sensors searched for any life. So far none and she immediately slowed the craft
down and began to bring it into a hover. Having found a perfect location from above she guided
the craft easily and shaking her head at the smoothness she settled the dropship down. After
some sensor checks of nothing moving and noting the ease of controls she smiled as she
switched to the command frequency. “Anvil Six, Creeper Two-One, set on the hide spot.”
“Anvil Six, roger.” A little bit of static eeked its way into the comms but otherwise it was
Hearing the engines shut down MSG Magnusson looked at everybody. And while
everybody was getting out of their seats he fished an anti-radiation pill and swallowed it with a
large sip from his camelbak. “Alright, gear up and Pryce, get everybody their pills.” It was
imperative that they took them before exiting. The pills on average lasted 24 hours, so once that
door was open and then closed, it was on them to make sure that they took one.
“Okay everybody, take your pills.” Staff Sergeant Pryce said quickly and watched
everybody swallow one. Then he took his and double-checked his pouch with additional pills.
The estimate was it wouldn’t take long since they had the location of the ship the girl came in on
but still…even Nicholson had his doubts while everybody checked their rifles. He wished that
they could have brought along their regular weapons but the Relikor Personal Defense Weapons
were supposed to be good enough. Firing caseless rounds it was far different than the EM
weapons that they normally used and for this planet far more practical as well. Fed from a sixty
round magazine it was sufficient for a firefight though they weren’t here to start a prolonged
fight and it seemed strange with the Arrow overhead anyway… “Nicholson you ready?”
“Roger, we’re good.” Sighing he waited until the door open. Not like Charbourg at all…
As he waited he checked his weapon, chambering a round and setting it on safe. Too many
unknowns in the place… But then again they’d dealt with Charbourg and its level of warfare,
though it seemed here it was just dead. He was sure that the remaining inhabitants were eeking a
life out of this rock, but so far he didn’t see how. Hopefully they wouldn’t have to deal with too
many people that should have been dead still breathing and fighting.
“Okay, the dropship is staying here, and we good Staff?” MSG Magnusson said as he
adjusted his backpack on his shoulders. Since he was the highest ranking he decided to carry the
comm system in his backpack. He managed to get some snacks and some additional pills in the
pockets. Also loaded were a few more fully charged batteries, just in case. Staff Sergeant Pryce
carried a similar device, just in case if his gets shot or damaged. After adjusting the sling to his
liking he let his weapon hang while he stood there. He watched the faces of the troopers, and
noticed that Nicholson’s team was more relaxed relative to everybody else. Then again they’ve
been in such a situation before and no doubt felt the same as they did before.
After completing his checks Staff Sergeant Pryce nodded to MSG Magnusson. “We’re
ready.” Taking a sip from his camelbak he wondered just what it would be like out there.
“Good,” With a grunt he slapped the door mechanism and the ramp slowly lowered.
“Anvil Six, Anvil Seven.” He poked his head out of the door, along with his weapon at low
ready just in case… and nothing but barren rock. At least that part was clear but the desolation
of the place was evident, it was too quiet. Rubbing his nose to get rid of an itch he stepped off