2-4 Cavalry Book 12: The Lost Planet HTML version

so he just settled in for the ride.
“’Turtleness’ is inexperience. When you start off you’re a turtle right? Slow and not very
smart and eventually after a while you become a snake.”
“So am I still a turtle Corporal?” Still he didn’t understand if they were all snakes now or
just him, but from Corporal Hammond’s voice it seemed that he was still a „turtle’.
“For the most part no, you’re starting to get faster but there’s still time before you’re a
true snake.”
“So you’re a snake then?”
“I guess, though it was a traditional name from the past.” Not wanting to delve too much
into their past Corporal Hammond smiled and checked his gear some more. “And I suggest you
check you’re gear before we head on out.”
Nodding thoughtfully, he still needed to do that. “No problem Corporal.”
“Looks like you won the toss Master Sergeant.” Captain Juniper said as she walked into
the offices.
“Great, where and when?”
“Talislanta, and within twenty-four hours we’ll be shipping out from Moshtar. We’ll fly
over there, link up with the Arrow and be on our way. The general is getting coordinates and
once he gets a satellite orbiting the planet, we-, you’ll be going in.” From her pocket she tossed a
chip. “That’s the briefing for the mission, make sure you read it.”
“You’re not even coming along?”
“Can’t handle it?”
MSG Magnusson merely chuckled. “Ma’am…”
“Yeah I know, you’ve done it all, seen it all,” While talking she held her arms up and
looked towards the ceiling in jest. “But yes, I’m coming along.”
Smiling he wanted to give his non-verbal thought on the subject but refrained from doing
so. “Why isn’t the XO or PL going?”
“They’ll be in classes soon so I figure some non-coms can handle the action. And since
you won the toss I’ll be on the carrier while you enlisted make it happen, fair?”
“Fair enough ma’am, fair enough…” And after that looked at his office, saw that there
wasn’t really anything going on and closed the door, he had a mission to prepare for.
The pilot of the Nova tilted the nozzles slightly and gently applied some thrust to get out
of the cargo bay. With the vacuum around the dropship the small thrust input made the craft rise
slightly as the computer predicted the best window for insertion. Once clear of the Arrow she
maneuvered the dropship as it began its approach to Talislanta with her smiling as DJINN did all
the work and she merely watched as the planet approached. Within ten minutes the dropship was
entering the atmosphere and minutes later the buffeting stopped and she took control of the craft
as she guided it to the landing zone, noticing the massive amounts of clouds that formed and t hen
they were in them, hurtling at Mach 2 and dropping as gravity and air resistance took hold of the
control surfaces. A slight jiggle and she had control of the Nova, amazed at how it didn’t shake
like the old Galaxy class dropship. Still, she had to s till maintain watch as it was a big craft to
handle and this was her first time on a drop mission with the new craft. Noticing the waypoint
marker and as the clouds parted she noted a small village, the sensors already showing radiation
levels and also how decrepit it was. The sensors scanned the village and nothing was detected,
just a lone village in the middle of nowhere. From her history data the nuclear war had ravaged