2-4 Cavalry Book 12: The Lost Planet HTML version

bringing vehicles, which we’re not, I’d take them along as doorgunners.”
It would have been very nice to take along a vehicle or two, it would make the proposed
mission much easier, though the designers of the Nova wanted it a purely infantry mission, to
test its abilities. And nothing like a rescue mission to do such a thing.
“With respect I thought handing the new ell-tee a new mission is something the NFDF
“Noted, though the general wants one of us to go and specifically said for him to not go,
due to lack of experience.” Though in her mind she thought both Lt. Bradi and Lt. Hannah were
experienced enough for this mission. They’d seen the elephant enough to handle a mission like
this but they had to go do their own things first. And in her mind they were done with the N ieuw
Friesland Defense Force unless something in the universe changed to where they went back to
the universe they came from. Though with each passing day it seemed it was never possible so it
was time to start looking forward rather than looking back. However, the NFDF did still
resonate within the psyche of the Troop; though she had the feeling the universe had its own
game in mind when they came this way.
Nodding thoughtfully and in agreement she fished around for a coin. “Heads I go, and
tails MSG Magnusson goes.” Finding a coin she tossed it in the air and caught it, and then
slammed it against the table and looked at the result. Feeling that Lady Luck wasn’t smiling on
her she saw tails. “Tails it is, but I’ll still be in contact as much as possible from the carrier.”
The Troop had to get used to operating from the RNS Arrow, a Kommando carrier that
had been fielded into service, and was supposed to fill the need for better insertion methods on
Kush or Mashara. However, since the ship finally was manufactured and completed her
shakedown trials, she was declared operational and now was landed at the Friesland main
spaceport at Moshtar. Though technically it could „land’ even though its fusion drive kept it
floating but for argument’s sake could be called „landed’.
“What is this?” Private Matthias said as he looked at the pill.
“It’s an anti-radiation pill that prevents radiation poisoning,” Corporal Hammond said as
he looked at the packaging. He never had to take one so he was just as clueless as the „newbie’
that was exchanged for Stolley, who had an unfortunate accident with an ATM she was help
loading for a range. The whole leg was shattered and most cared about the fact that it didn’t
explode… Remembering the rescue mission on Charbourg in another time and place this
mission felt like it, though from what Pryce was saying it was „different’ than that contract.
“When’s do we take it?”
So many questions! “When we do man, I though Mashara beat a lot of your turtleness
“Turtleness?” Matthais was still by his own determination still a new person and a lot of
what he was exposed to after Mashara confused him. And their origins of words such as „Via’
and other expressions made him wonder if he was supposed to be in this unit even though he was
repeatedly told he was. He resigned himself to watch them and wondered when some of them
didn’t talk to him as much as the others. But he was one of them and they slowly started opening
up and he guessed that the more he didn’t say was beneficial to them and his unit. But the
transfer was unexpected, but he heard Sergeant Nicholson saying he needed to be „broken in’ and
he guessed that Talislanta was supposed to be it. He’d never deployed to a nuclear holocaust and
some of the 4th squad members were talking about a rescue mission that had the trapping like this