2-4 Cavalry Book 12: The Lost Planet HTML version

2/4 Cavalry: The Lost Planet
Eric Johnson
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The Lost Planet
This is a redo of a story, well my first story of when I was starting to write. Naturally after a
couple years I’ve gotten a bit better, but hopefully this will outdo what I originally tried to write.
December 2739, Friesland
Sitting down Captain Juniper tapped the screen and brought up the readiness rate. Fourth
squad was in the chute this time, and began filling in the blanks that General Van Der K ut
supplied. Though she expected this mission to be handed to a Kommando team she saw that her
unit was more than ready for this kind. And as she looked at the information she remembered
she detached Sergeant N icholson for such a mission a year or so ago. Now she hoped that
experience would help with this mission.
“So where are we going?” Staff Sergeant Pryce asked the question that was obvious to
him. Even then he was standing in front of her in her office so it didn’t matter what the mission
was, he and his squad were going, her and the MSG.
“It’s a rescue mission in the Independent Planets.” Captain Juniper said as she looked
over the data that was sent to her. Accessing the briefing she shrugged. “It’s called Talislanta,
a… wow, it suffered a nuclear holocaust and supposedly…,” As she accessed the information it
reminded her of the extraction from… where was that? Not remembering offhand she read it off
to him. “A researcher by the name of Naida Bodden from New Holland decided to go without
any authorization there, so we have to pull her out just in case.” The datafile had gone over the
war on the planet but she didn’t need to spare Pryce that much information. Then again he’d be
getting the datafile along with everybody else to read while they were transported to the planet.
And the task organization said she’d be going along so it was pertinent that she read it as well.
“How are we getting there?”
“A new assault ship the Kommando is going to field, the Nova if I read the brief
Did you even read it? He thought as he too accessed the file. It had been a month of
training and getting things re-settled for the next mission and this seemed like the perfect time
for one, given that the rate had gone down after last month’s mission.
“And… one of us is going with you though I have to flip for it.”
“So heads you go, tails Lt. Bradi…?” It was rare that she let the squad leader decide
which of the command element was going. In fact it was unheard of. But she had her reasons
but she didn’t need to explain them to a squad leader.
“Nope, Lt. Bradi isn’t ready yet for an op like this, Lt. Hannah can’t go because he’s at
school. Lt. Hoff is well, a tanker and we’re looking for infantry, not tankers. Though if we were