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H o w D o I M e a s u r e M y B o d y F a t ?


The truth is… there's several ways to do this.


•   Underwater Weighing

•   Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis

•   BIA Body Fat Scales and Hang Grip Tests

•   Infrared

•   Circumference & Anthropometric

•   Skin fold Measurements like "The Pinch Test"

•   Other More Complicated Methods


The simplest and cheapest method is the skin fold test. You can purchase a set of calipers for about $20 and do this test in the privacy of your own home. The accuracy of this test is almost as accurate as the methods above and it costs you nothing.


For individuals in the 15-35% range it's deemed as accurate. For lean individuals it is probably the most accurate and for people over 35% body fat, other methods are more accurate.


Another way to measure your body fat at home with just a tape measure: