17 Spiritual Lessons From the Dog Whisperer HTML version

friendly, fun loving, social and able to follow basic instructions. But YOU have to be the
leader to lead them to it.
Here are some of the lessons I have learnt from watching The Dog Whisperer about
leadership, energy and relationship with our dogs (and children). Please understand
these are a combination of my own interpretations of Caesars actions and words and
NOT specifically what he says or does. Also a lot of what is given below is literal as well
as metaphorical. See if you can find the hidden meanings within them:
Your dog’s behavior is a reflection of you. They are our mirrors.
Your dog doesn’t care how much money you make or what car your drive or how
you look like. They care if you are a balanced individual or not and how happy
and contented you are. They can’t tell you with words but they reflect your inner
being just like a mirror. They feel your energy, not your external personality.
Mother nature does not rule by fear and anger but calm assertiveness.
Harnessing calm assertive energy will not only improve your relationship with
your dogs, it will improve YOU and your relationship to the world.
Never fight against Mother Nature. Allow Mother Nature to help you rather than
dis-empower you.
Every dog can be a great dog (unless it has a neurological problem which is very
few). It can be fun, playful, obedient and able to follow basic commands. But it
needs to be lead. And your dog needs to be lead by YOU. Remember, just because
you and your dog share unconditional love, does not mean you have a balanced
To be a leader you need to be calm and assertive. You also need to make
decisions for the well being of the whole pack (or group or family) and lead them
accordingly. You need to go above your personal interests and decide what is best
for the pack. Dogs get frustrated when you are unable to lead and start
challenging you.
Dogs are social creatures, just like human beings. And they are naturally meant
to be social, playful, seek to be in packs like human families or groups of other
dogs, follow the leadership of the pack leader. If they are hostile, or unfriendly, or
hates other dogs, it is because the dog is either scared, or frustrated, or lacks
Take note of your household: who is the leader? You, your dogs, or your
children? Is it truly a happy balanced family where everyone knows their duties,
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