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This “great way” is simple and observable in all of nature. It is said in certain secret
traditions that there is a language of the world that is spoken by everything and everyone.
And if you understand that language, there is guidance for you directly from your Source,
or the Universe, or God on every step of your life. Unfortunately, most of the time we are
too preoccupied in our material pursuit to notice this guidance, and eventually we turn our
entire life into one great struggle.
But this guidance, or the great way, or language of the universe exists. And even if on a
small scale, I am a living example of someone who constantly follows that guidance or
pays attention to that language which shows you the right way at every turn of your life. I
am not saying this to boast, there is still a long personal journey for me before I can feel
that I have truly mastered this language, but I simply want you to know that this is the
truth. I have lived with this for years now and I would be lost if this guidance stopped
making itself known to me for some reason. That is just the fact.
Now what has all this got to do with a television show called The Dog Whisperer?
Patience my friend... If you have not already experienced my roundabout way of telling
stories, you might as well get used to it. Because I don’t think I’m changing any time soon
So here is the relevance. One of the great realizations that came upon me right from the
beginning of my own personal transformations (incidentally through my professional
practice of hypnotherapy) is this: the world outside is a reflection of your inside. People,
circumstances, animals, relationships, success, failure, work, play etc are all reflections
of your inside. All these things and their relationship with you dynamically change
according to your own personal and spiritual development. As I keep saying over and
over to all my students: when you take care of the inside, the outside automatically takes
care of itself. The great way shows its guidance through everything and everyone. And
according to how the world is treating you, you can tell quite accurately what is
happening on your inside, and vice versa.
Now here is one of the best indicators of what is happening on our inside: our dogs! They
will always react according to your inner energy patterns. If you are frustrated and angry
and have a scrambled energy pattern within you, your dog will be challenging and
undisciplined and have a restless energy within them.
We have been living with our dogs for hundreds of thousands of years now. They have
walked with us as a committed friend since we lived in caves and hunted the prehistoric
animals. They are our personal direct communication module with nature. And they know
more about us that we’d like to admit. They cannot tell us in words what they know, but
they sure do express themselves which we most times misinterpret. But one man in
California, originally from Mexico, Caesar Milan, has decoded this language and brought
us some very valuable teachings through his TV show “The Dog Whisperer”.
The Dog Whisperer is a show where Caesar rehabilitates some of the most impossible
type of dogs. The dogs that are sometimes so disturbed that they are flagged as “red
zone dog” meaning they can actually kill another dog or seriously harm a human being if
they get the opportunity. Caesar rehabilitates those kind of dogs and shows over and
over that nearly EVERY dog can be the perfect dog that you want them to be: disciplined,
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