14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

Stay away from the moist treats that are high in salt and preservatives
Do not overdo the treats. A puppy should not fill themselves up on the treats
Choose the treats that are appropriate for your puppy’s size
Keep them in a place the puppy cannot get to
Chapter Three: Tips to keeping your puppy healthy
So you have finally decided you have the most adorable pet in the whole world until you found
his piddle right in your furniture or in the middle of your living room carpet. This is when you
begin to realize it is a big responsibility owning and maintaining a dog. You need to prepare
yourself fast for such eventualities and others.
Potty training – a necessary evil
The best ways to potty train your puppy to be attentive and pay attention to particular details.
The first step is to make sure your puppy is always within your sight. This is where having baby
gates is important so as to keep your puppy from wandering around the house. If you happen to
notice your puppy sniffing around or see him squat, quickly scoop him up and take him out side
to relieve himself.
Also if you just finished feeding your puppy, take him outside to go potty about 10 minutes later.
A thing about puppies is that they will always need to go potty after eating or drinking. So be
prepared for that. This also means you should be able to control what your puppy eats and when
he eats it. This gives you a greater measure of control over his potty. When you take him outside
after eating, remember not use this time to play with him. Stand around and wait for him to go.
In cases when you are probably occupied or need to go to work, you need to consider crate
training your puppy. This ensures the safety of your puppy or extended periods of time when you
are not able to take care of him. It is equally important chose a crate that is large enough for your
puppy to give him room to play. Crates should never be used as forms of punishment. Always
remember to take him out to go potty before putting him in his crate. Soon your puppy will learn
to hold it while he is in his crate until you are ready to take him out to go potty.