14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

Nutrients. Wet food can be over ¾ water. It will pass through the dog very quickly.
This means that the puppy will not always absorb all of the nutrition that they should with
wet food. Dry food takes longer for the puppy to digest. This allows them to absorb more
of the nutrients in the food.
Some people might think that a moist food would be a good compromise for peop le who cannot
decide between wet or dry food. Studies have shown that this type of food is higher in
preservatives and salt and may not be as healthy for the puppy as the other types of food. It is
best to stay with either wet food or dry food.
Another option would be to use a combination of wet and dry food. One meal of wet food
followed by two meals of dry food could be the right combination for some puppies. It is a good
idea to consult with your vet to find out what the best combination of food will be for your
The brand of your food is a matter of personal choice. They are similar, but you can choose a
brand based on the price, the ingredients or the reputation of the manufacturer. Be aware of what
is in the food and whether it contains natural ingredients or not. There have been reports in the
past of food that made dogs ill. It was not manufactured properly and has been removed from
the market. You need to be aware of any stories you see about contaminated food products.
Dogs love treats and puppies are no exception. Treats can be used as rewards for good behavior
or they can be offered to help supplement the puppy’s health. It is important not to overdo the
treats. You also do not want to use table food for treats. If a puppy gets used to eating food from
the table, it is a hard habit to break.
You can choose from different types of treats. The hard treats can be used to help promote
dental health. Treats can also be used to help with doggy breath. When choosing treats, follow
the same guidelines you use for introducing any new type of food to the puppy’s diet.
Make sure that you give it enough time to evaluate how the puppy handles the treat
Dental Health- Dry food can help a puppy clean their teeth, Wet food can be trapped in
the teeth.