14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

It is time to access your puppy after feeding him a particular food for 6 weeks. If he is playful
and energetic with a thick shiny coat, then he is probably digesting all his nutrients an there are
no cause for alarm. His feces at this point should be brownish.
Good feeding habits
Puppies should be able to feed at least thrice a day until they are at least 6 months old. After 6
months, feeding him for at least twice a day is normal. Remember to make use of feeding guides
on the labels of foods. Adjust the amount of food available to your puppy weekly; this will help
keep him in optimal condition. Puppies need lots of calories in other to fuel their growth. It is
best to evaluate you puppy’s body conditioning score to make sure he is getting the right amount
of nutrients.
In some special circumstances, it is possible for large bred dogs to develop skeletal and joint
problems. These conditions can be worsened by overfeeding. In other words, if your puppy is a
Great Dane, Labrador retriever or even a Doberman pinscher, do not over feed him. There are
puppy foods made exclusively for such large bred dogs which are usually designed to control
growth. This makes such foods a little lower in calcium and phosphorus than other puppy foods
but rich in fiber.
Choosing the Food
There are hundreds of varieties of food that you can choose from to feed your puppy. Dry food,
wet food, dry food that can be served wet are just some of the choices. You can choose a name
brand dog food or you can save money by choosing a generic dog food. How are you supposed
to know which is best?
Before you decide on the brand of food for your puppy, you need to decide whether you want
dry food or wet food. There are pluses and minuses to both of these foods.
Cost – dry food is typically less costly than wet food. The type of food you can buy may
depend on your budget.
Storage- When you buy a bag of dry food, you can put it into a container with a lid. The
food will be good for several months. Wet food is not as easy to store. O nce the can has
been opened, it will have to be used in a fairly short time. You can store an opened can
in the refrigerator to extend its life. The length of time that you can keep the food will
also affect the amount of money that you spend on food.