14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

purpose as well as leaning how to keep him on a leash. Learn how to supervise you puppy as this
is very important this first few weeks. You may even talk to yo ur puppy. Experts say it helps!
Proper home care for your puppy
Expect the first few nights of your puppy being home to be little challenging. Your puppy may
sometimes feel the pangs of loneliness and may whine as a result. He has been removed from
familiar surroundings, so this is to be expected. There are a few things you can do to care more
for your puppy and make his initial stay less challenging.
1. Make sure your puppy’s sleeping quarter is in a small crate. Although your puppy will
grow rapidly, you do not want to get a crate that is too large. It will not be comfortable
for the puppy that is adjusting to a new environment.
2. This crate should be kept near your bed in a draft free area. It is important to get attuned
to his cries at this point. If he cries, take him out to a relieving area and afterwards put
him back into his crate. This is not the best time to start giving him treats or offer play
time. He should get right back to sleep afterwards.
3. Get your puppy a stuffed toy. The best toy to give is a stuffed Dog toy. This toy will
serve as his littermate and keep him company.
4. Never take your puppy to bed with you. This will help you avoid future headaches and
bad habits. Learn to keep him in his crate.
Training equipment that may come in handy
It is not too early at this point to consider buying training equipment for your puppy. There are
several types of training equipment that can be got easily from the stores to help tone your
puppy’s muscles. Consider having training activities about 3-4 times per week. The inherent
benefits of training equipments are:
Improved body and sensory awareness
Increased reaction and control
Strengthening and increase of the trunk
Stabilization, especially in weak areas of the body
Elongation of the muscles and overall increase in the motion of the joints
Improved balance and perception