14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

Purchase plastic or rubbers for electrical cords. Your puppy can easily get electrocuted if
he chews on those electrical cords.
Get a hold of bitter tasting sprays and use them on all areas where you don’t want your
puppy to bite on. Bitter tasting sprays can be bought at pet stores and supermarkets. Your
puppy will not like the bitter taste of the sprays and will in time come to learn that items
sprayed are off limits for him.
Small items like pin, earrings, and coins that can be easily ingested should be kept away
from your puppy.
Your windows and locks should be secured and fastened so your puppy cannot fall out.
Set up a house training schedule and follow it diligently. House training may include
taking you puppy out every 3 hours.
Buy a baby gate to help you safe guard and keep your puppy away from the stairs and
other areas in the house here he can easily get injured.
Be firm and designated a regular sleeping area for your puppy. Eating area must be set up
with dog food and water bowls. This will help your puppy in learning the house rules.
Secure your Backyard
If you have a backyard, you need to make sure that it is safe for your pet. That not only means
making sure that there are no plants that present a danger to your puppy, it also means making
sure that your backyard will keep your puppy in. Puppies can chew and they can dig. They can
do it much faster than many owners realize. They will dig holes in fences and chew through
other areas to get out of the yard. Keep a constant eye on your yard to make sure that your
puppy cannot get out and run loose.
It is also important to keep your backyard clean to prevent any diseases that your dog can catch.
All of this may seem basic and repetitive. The bottom line is that you will be protecting your
puppy from the hazards that they will face if they are out of the yard on their own.
During the first year of life, you puppy will need series of vaccinations to protect him from many
dangerous diseases. Vaccinations are done according to a specific dog’s risk factors.
Children toys are never dog toys and possess a health risk to your puppy. Keep all toys
away from your puppy where they are inaccessible to him.