14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

Never leave your paper shredder lying around. Do not leave it on the automatic setting.
Be sure to always turn it off when not in use. Otherwise, you might find your puppy
seriously injured by the shredder blades.
If your puppy has had surgery or skin problems that require him to wear Elizabethan
collar, please be aware that there are new varieties that will make him feel more
You need to treat the home you are bringing a puppy into just like you would when you bring a
baby home from the hospital for the first time. You need to look at anything and everything that
could pose a danger to the puppy and make sure you take steps to make it safe.
Chapter Six: Miscellaneous ideas you may want to keep in mind
Puppies are cute cuddly creatures. The responsibility lies on you to offer him as much protection
as you can muster. Puppies need an environment where they are safe and free to roam and play
as they please. This you can do by organizing, cleaning and keeping hazardous objects away
from him.
Here are some ideas that will help you keep your puppy safe, rare him to be use and also enjoy
him while you are at it.
Assume your puppy is a baby and puppy proof your home. Just like a baby, your new
puppy is clueless about the world around him and should be protected as much as
possible. This also means you should exercise enough patience and show love to your
puppy to help him grow and develop.
As much as possible crate your puppy. This will offer him a secure little area of his own.
While you are away from the house, you will feel confident knowing your puppy is safe
and won’t be injured while you are away. Crating provides a comfort zone for your
puppy free from harm and household hazards.
Decide now if you want your puppy on your furniture. If you don’t want him on your
furniture, now is the time to take steps to protect you furniture and always prevent him
from climbing on the furniture. Protective covers on your furniture will prevent
accidental clean ups.
Do not allow your puppy to wander unsupervised in your swimming pool. It is easy for
him to get drowned.