14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

You will not always be prepared for how your puppy will react in different situations. You also
cannot control how others will react to your puppy when they see it. It is important that you
prepare yourself for either your puppy or someone else to react in a way you did not expect.
Always have a plan to get your puppy out of the way when a situation does not seem safe. There
is nothing wrong with removing your puppy from the situation before something bad happens.
Protection from other hazards
There is the need to protect your puppy from common hazards that are found in the house. There
is no gainsaying that your house needs to be puppy proofed. Your youngster needs to be
supervised carefully or you may find yourself with a potential dangerous situation. Take your
eyes of your puppy for a few minutes and you may find your puppy has eaten the wall carpet or
even stripped off all the wall paper he could reach. Here are a few things you can do to protect
your puppy from hazards:
Be sure to cover all electrical outlets, tape wires to the wall and put a tight lid on your
trash can. Put houseplants, remote outlets, sharp objects, shoes, cell phones, and other
items which your puppy might find attractive out of reach. It is best at this point to put
virtually everything attractive away from your puppy especially when he is teething.
You should never allow your puppy under any circumstances to eat chocolate. It is very
dangerous to allow your puppy to drink alcohol. It may be amusing to you at first, but
you run the risk of security hazard.
Fruits are good for the body but not every fruit should be given to your puppy. Fruits
pose a choking hazard to your puppy and should therefore be kept away from him.
Do not under any circumstances allow your puppy to wander around in the garage. A few
drops of high attractive antifreeze or rat poison are enough to kill him.
Plants like amaryllis, azaleas, daffodils, elephant ears, hyacinths, lily of the valley,
oleander, and rhubarb are toxic to dogs as well as humans. They should not be within the
vicinity of your puppy. Do you also know that tomato leaves are dangerous to your puppy
as well?
Be aware that there is another dangerous substance called XYLITOL that is common in
sugarless gum, baked goods, candy, toothpaste, vitamins, and many other substances.
Xylitol is a common sugar substitute that has proven dangerous to dogs and can kill your
Keep common household items such as the cocoa mulch, bleach, crayons, deodorants,
furniture polish, mothballs, nail polish remover, and suntan lotion away from your
puppy’s reach.