14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

The day you bring your new puppy into your home is an exciting time. You are bringing home
a new member of your family and you expect that everything will be perfect. That happiness can
quickly disappear when your puppy starts to misbehave.
It is not the puppy’s fault, they do not know any better. It is up to the puppy’s owner to teach
them how they need to behave. This guide will help provide the information that you need to
make your home a happy place for the newest member of your family.
The step by step guide will take you through the basics of how to train your puppy, and what to
expect from the puppy. It will also offer you a variety of options for you to consider t hat will
help both your puppy and you.
You should not wait to teach your puppy how to behave. It needs to begin from the time that
you bring them into your home. If you read this guide before you get your puppy, it will help
you know what to expect. If your puppy is already in your home, it is not too late. The
information will still be useful for both you and your puppy.
Chapter One:
You and your puppy – a welcomed addition to the family
It is definitely an exciting time for your family – having a new puppy to fuss over can have that
effect on you. It is a fun time to remember and cherish. There are certain things that need to be
done right before you take your puppy to his new home. This will make the transition to home
life much easier and smoother.
Raising a puppy is not very different from raising a child. You will not do everything perfectly.
It is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. With a little help, a little guidance
and a whole lot of love, you will raise a great puppy into adulthood.
Up to this point in your puppy’s life, he has been with his mother and other litter in a sterile
environment. To make the transition smooth, it is advisable to make sure that your puppy’s
immediate environment in your home be sterile as well.
The first week of your puppy’s home life should be quiet and idyllic. This does not mean your
puppy should not be allowed to explored and meet other family members. Now is a good time to
start teaching him stuff like his name, how to relieve himself in an area designated for that