14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

Chapter Five: Safety First
Basic tricks to help keep your puppy alert
Many of the behavioral problems often encountered in dogs are caused chiefly by their lack of
mental and physical exercise. For your puppy to be alert, he needs to be mentally and physically
active. The truth of the matter is that dogs are naturally born to lead active lives. For thousands
of years, dogs have worked alongside man helping him herd his cattle, hunt and control vermin.
These days most pet dogs spend most of their time alone at home and napping in couches and
chairs with no scavenging and hunting required of them. As result, it is common to see many
bored and obese dogs having excess energy with no way to exert them. It is not surprising that
your puppy might come up with activities like barking, chewing, gnawing on your shoes and
raiding trash cans in other to fill his time.
The best way to keep your puppy alert and active is to simply fill his time with activities that will
exercise his brain and body. This will not only keep him out of trouble but will also keep him fit
and healthy at all times. It is also a good suggestion to take him for walks in the parks where he
will likely meet and interact with members of his own species. This will enrich his life and save
you countless hours in training. There is also the option of going with your puppy to a dog park.
Here are basic tricks to aid the mental and physical development of your puppy.
Take your puppy for exercises at least once a day:
Exercises for your puppy include both physical and mental exercises. You may take him
for a walk in the park or a walk in the neighborhood and allow him to wander off leash. If
you have a large compound area in your house, you can decide to allow him wander
within the vicinity to his heart’s content. Allow him to investigate new smells, wrestle
with his dog buddies and fetch toys for you. Allow him to do these activities until he
happily collapses. These forms of mental and physical exercises are of paramount
importance to the well-being of your dog. Some dogs would become so exhausted after
such exercises that they would happily collapse and doze for hours.
Dog parks can be fun for you too!
Seek new opportunities to develop his social skills:
Just like humans, dogs enjoy social activities with their own kind. Take your puppy to a
dog park where he will learn to horn and develop his social skills. At the park, you puppy
will be able to learn social skills like reading body languages, using his own
communication skills as well as becoming familiar with dogs and people. This is a good
way to guard against your puppy developing fear and aggression later on in life.