14 Days Step by Step Perfect Puppy Training Guide HTML version

Prepare for emergencies
Emergencies are a normal part of life. They can come in various forms. Emergencies require that
you keep your puppy safe. The method to keeping your puppy safe is to prepare for an
emergency ahead of time. Below are some tips to get help you get started in preparing for an
1. Go get yourself a Rescue Alert Sticker
When you paste this kind of stickers in your home, it will help people and rescuers know that
pets are inside your home. A Rescue Alert Sticker may carry any of the information below:
The phone number and of your veterinarian
The type and numbers of pest in your home
The name of your veterinarian
In cases of emergency and you have already evacuate your pets and by extension your puppy,
write the word “Evacuated” across the sticker. Rescue Alert Stickers are available from Animal
Welfare League shelters.
2. If possible arrange a safe haven
This is very important tip. Remember that if it isn’t safe for you, it probably isn’t safe for your
puppy. Since not all evacuation units accept pets, it is important to determine beforehand the
evacuation units that are most suitable for your circumstances. Here are a list of things you can
do while arranging for a safe haven for you and your puppy.
Contact your veterinarian for a list of preferred boarding kennels and facilities.
Ask your local animal shelter if they provide emergency shelter or foster care for pets.
Identify hotels or motels outside of your immediate area that accept pets.
Ask friends and relatives outside your immediate area if they can take in your pet.
3. Get your eme rgency supplies and travelling kits ready
Buy and evacuation pack and have it handy and ready for use. Make sure everyone in your
household knows where it is. Make sure the kit is clearly labeled and easy to carry. The most
essential items that should be in your evacuation kit are: